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Mini Kota Edge review

With the Mini Kota Edge, anglers understand how to use the trolling motor for their fishing adventures in any water.

The Mini Kota Edge has been created to teach you the different features and functionalities of the trolling motor.

Minn Kota Edge Review

The trolling motors happen to be very important equipment required by different anglers in any level of experience

There are important qualities expected of any trolling motor by every user. Trolling motors should be:

  • Reliable
  • Smooth functioning and
  • Durable


This Mini Kota Edge test discusses the Minn Kota Edge bow mount trolling motor and how much of these necessary qualities that it possesses.


The Mini Kota Edge Features

  1. Latch and Door Bracket

In this model, the latch and door bracket makes this motor quite easy to remove from the mount using a soft grip knob.

  1. Edge Mount

Although the mount of the Minn Kota Edge is small, it is quite sturdy. It makes use of an anodized aluminum arm which offers stability to the motor when has been deployed.

  1. 2-Year Warranty

The Edge like all other Minn Kota trolling motors comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

  1. Speed Control Options

This trolling motor possesses two-speed control options depending on the particular model including a 5fwd/5rev and a 5-speed setting.

This can be controlled easily using the hand tiller or the foot pedal

  1. Directional Indicator

A directional indicator is present on the foot control models. This feature is only available on all the models, which have foot control.

With this outstanding feature, the knowledge of the user relates to the direction the prop is oriented.

  1. Edge Foot Pedal

One remarkable feature of this model is the Edge foot pedal. It is an ergonomic and responsive pedal.

This ensures the control of the motor direction made from a composite material while employing the use of heel and toe steering.

It also comes with

  • a momentary-on button,
  • heel block,
  • a constant on button, and
  • a speed control dial
  1. Composite Shaft

The Edge also has a composite shaft with a lifetime warranty just like the Minn Kota’s trolling motors.

This composite shaft can withstand abuse and misuse, as well as tremendous stress.

  1. Prop Options

On select models, only two prop styles are available. These styles include

  • The Weedless Wedge 2 prop: This style has been created to flow through weeds and other kinds of vegetation with a swept-back and flared design.
  • The Minn Kota’s Power Prop: The Minn Kota’s Power Prop is a more classic design than the Weedless Wedge 2 prop and it offers much more power to cut through vegetation easily and in no time.
  1. Cool Running Motors

In order to maximize the efficiency of the Minn Kota Edge to provide users with a premium experience, the Minn Kota has put a lot into the design of their motors.

Using large winding and commutators along with a quality bearing system, heat is dissipated very quickly from the motors.

Minn Kota Edge Review

Mini Kota Edge Accessories/Replacement Parts

Below are a number of different accessories and replacement parts, which are available for this model and can be purchased singly without the motor:

  • MKR 18 Plug and Receptacle
  • MKP-32 Weedless Wedge 2 Prop
  • MKA 23 Quick Release Bracket: This is simply the composite bracket for cable steer motors including models such as the Edge.
  • MKA 45 Replacement Rope and Handle
  • MK 330PC: This consists of a 3-bank, on-board marine battery charger which has 30 amps of output.

Mini Kota Edge Variants

The Minn Kota Edge is undoubtedly a hard-working and very simple trolling motor. However, there are few model options asides from the Edge.

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These models possess similarities as well as differences, which make them either unique or more preferred or not.

Some of the existing differences that exist between these models include:

  • the style of direction control,
  • the speed control and
  • the max thrust

Moreover, emphasis should be made on the distinct fact that the directional indicator is a major feature of the edge in only the foot control models.

The edge makes use of two different types of props, and the type it employs is dependent on the model of the trolling motor.

For instance, all other models use the Weedless Wedge 2 while the 45lb thrust both the hand and the foot control options, make use of the Power Prop.

Minn Kota Edge Review

The speed control option is another major difference between these two trolling motors.

The hand tiller models come with the 5fwd/3rev speed control while the pedal control models all possess the 5-speed setting.

This is quite common because the hand control motor is unable to turn the motorhead unless it loses access to the hand tiller.

The Mini Kota Edge reveals several other features found on all models including:

  • the composite shaft,
  • Minn Kota’s motor technology and warranty.
  • Latch and Door Bracket, and
  • The Edge Mount.

What to know about the Mini Kota Edge?

Minn Kota Edge Review

  1.  Durability

The constant use on the water, and having to navigate through vegetation and underwater structures take quite a toll on trolling motors.

For the Edge, the Mini Kota Edge highlighted the durability of the mount and its large aluminium spine.

The shaft does not warp when it encounters a collision, except in extreme conditions. It is also under a lifetime warranty from Minn Kota, which suggests the company’s confidence in its durability.

Other portions of the motor are made from impact-resistant, composite materials, including the motor head.

This choice of material provides durability for the motor, and portability for easy movement.

  1. Durability and Stowing/Deploying

One remarkable feature of the Minn Kota Edge is its low-profile mount. It occupies just a small amount of room while still maintaining the stability of the trolling motor in any direction.

This feature however is advantageous for smaller boats that might be unable to accommodate a lot of the larger bow mount trolling motors that are available.

Interestingly, installation of the mount is as simple as simple installations can be.

It comes with a comprehensive manual that provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to properly mount the Edge.

The Edge mount’s Latch and Door feature is also great for owners who might need to remove their trolling motor frequently.

The simple design of its screw-in grip knob enables easy removal of the motor from the mount either for storage, or to move it to another mount on a different boat.

  1. Motor Control and Function

Most people who are looking to buy a trolling motor will be concerned about the navigation and functionality of the motor when it is out on the water.

The Edge however is quite reliable in this aspect.

For motor control, the Edge provides two options: a foot pedal or a hand tiller. While they vary in design, both the foot pedal and the hand tiller provide great control for the motor head.

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The hand tiller is quite easy to use and comfortable even for long periods.

You can adjust the speed by twisting the handle, an action that gives off an audible clicking sound, indicating that the speed setting has been changed.

Some users might have a problem with the rigid design of the hand tiller, however, it comes with a five forward speed and three rev speed options that enable efficient navigation.

The hand tiller and the foot pedal however, are not digitally variable; therefore your speed is limited.

There might also be some inactive areas in the speed range of the Edge, and a little jump between the various settings.

This however is not a problem as you would not feel any lag or jumpiness whenever you switch between speed settings, proving that the Edge is an efficient motor.

The Edge foot pedal, which has been redesigned to make it wider than older Edge models, is one feature we particularly like.

It is made of a highly durable and composite material which gives it enough flex and warping resistance that could affect control after a period of time.

The foot pedal comes with a toe-and-heel design for navigation. It also affords you easy control of the speed setting with the dial at the right toe.

A momentary on button is located at the left toe of the pedal which enables you to run the motor only when you are ready.

You should however take note of the constant on button on the side of the pedal that should be turned off whenever you are not running the motor.

The foot pedal is quite efficient. Take out time and read the manual of the gadget.

It is very sensitive such that there is no lag time between manipulations of the pedal and movement of the motor, which is beneficial when navigating through tight spaces and maintaining position for an optimum cast.

The Minn Kota is a great motor thanks to remarkable innovations in its design.

The energy lost to heat in this model is minimal. It also disperses generated heat which substantially enhances the battery life of the motor, and in turn, lengthens the lifespan of the motor.

Another remarkable thing about the Minn Kota is its stealth. Quietness is very important for motors used for fishing, and the Minn Kota does well in this regard.

The Minn Kota uses an advanced bearing system for its motors.

The bearings are designed to support the gears, and also reduce friction and vibration between moving parts when running. Interestingly, this feature is not limited to low speeds.

The advanced bearing system of the Minn Kota gives the Edge a remarkably quiet movement at all times, and with any speed setting.

  1. Running Time

The amount of running time of these Minn Kota Edge models varies considerably and is dependent on a lot of factors.

Two factors affecting the amount of run time you can get from these motors are: the power with which you are running the motor, and the battery you are using to run it.

However, the amp usage from these models ranges from 42 to 45, therefore with a decent battery you can achieve some hours of run time even while running at a high speed.

You should however take note of the maximum time you can achieve because Minn Kota Edge does not come with a battery meter.

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Mini Kota Edge Features on the Water


Although the Minn Kota Edge does not have a lot of the tech features of other trolling motor options, it has been designed and built for reliability and affordability.

Here are some features of this model in water:

  1. The directional indicator that is only available for the foot pedal models:

This is located on the top of the motor head and it is painted with a bright yellow color which makes it quite visible and easy to see even in low light.

The directional indicator of Minn Kota Edge is sure to save the user from time-wasting ventures while maneuvering in tight spaces or in situations when the angler puts most of the focus on a fish.

  1. The props:

There are two types of props available and these include:

  • The Power Prop:

The power prop is a small diameter prop, which provides more energy RPMs without expending a great deal of energy.

It is very efficient for cutting through underwater vegetation. However, the efficiency of this prop is dependent on the size of the trolling motor you are going to be using with this prop.

If the size is not compatible, heavy weeds are more likely to cause issues for the user.

  • The Weedless Wedge 2 prop:

This is used for the 55 and 70lb thrust options which is an outstanding prop.

The Weedless Wedge 2 prop makes use of a unique design in which the blades are flared with swept back tips.

While this prop is able to cut through lighter vegetation, the design enables it to easily sweep through vegetation conveniently and with a more pronounced force.

This is beneficial to the longevity of the motor and maximizes the battery life of the motor.


Some advantages of this model include:

  • Responsive foot pedal
  • Quiet and Cool Motor
  • Low profile mount
  • Durable composite shaft
  • Tilting Hand Tiller


Disadvantages of using this model are:

  • No indicator of Battery Life
  • Non-extendable Hand tiller

My Conclusion

For any user looking to find an affordable and reliable trolling motor, the Minn Kota Edge is one great option.

The Minn Kota Edge has an A rating because it is able to perform the work which it was designed to carry out flawlessly even regardless of the fact that it is a stripped down trolling motor.

It does not possess features that are seen in over motor models in the Minn Kota line. It has a variety of thrust options, which are able to cover the needs of all except the largest fishing vessels.

The reason is that it does what it was designed to do well. Another fact that makes this a more better option to choose from is its quality materials and sturdy build.

The features of this model provide you with excellent control over the direction and speed of the motor and it  also runs without causing much noise and very smoothly as well.

Overall, Minn Kota Edge possesses the essential features that are  required in a trolling motor.

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