Shimano Sedona vs Sahara My Research

Shimano Sedona vs Sahara

Many anglers prefer buying reels from Shimano. And for the sub $100 budget, people usually look for advice for Shimano Sedona vs Sahara.

Besides, buying the right reel for your specific needs can be a challenge. Since you have already selected the brand Shimano, deciding on one product from its offerings can be difficult.

While the brand is preferred for its quality and durability, Sahara and Sedano are considered against each other for being in the same price range.

Thus, before making any decision, you should understand the essential differences between the two.

Shimano Sedona vs Sahara
Shimano Sedona vs Sahara

Let’s consider how Shimano Sedona and Sahara reels are similar and different in various departments.

Size – Shimano Sedona vs Sahara

Sahara reel is available in sizes of 500 to 5000, while the Shimano Sedona reel has a wider range of 500 to 8000 sizes.

Both the series offer the same size variants on the lighter side. But if you want a heavier size of more than 5000 and up to 8000, you need Shimano.

Gear technology

Both the series use the flagship technology from Shimano, the Hagane cold forge gears. But Sahara leaps ahead with using the X-ship technology as well for better durability and stability.

It provides the pinion gears on both ends with extra bearings for better support. Moreover, it also maintains precision in alignment even under intense pressure.

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Sahara’s X-ship technology minimizes friction between the gears and spool shaft which, in turn, enhances casting performance.

In short, the performance of Sahara gears is consistent and better rather than those of Sedona because of the X-ship technology.

Ball bearings

Shimano Sahara is equipped with 4+1 ball bearings while the other one comes with 3+! Bearings. This makes Sahara a winner here again.

This extra ball bearing in Sahara reels adds a comparatively notable smoothness in their retrieval action.

Drag pressure

Overall, both the reels are identical when comparing the drag pressure with a maximum pressure of 7 to 24 lb.

Shimano Sedona vs Sahara
Shimano Sedona vs Sahara

But Sahara offers a slightly higher maximum drag for some reel sizes like 20 pounds for 2500 size against Sedona’s 9-pound drag.

Higher the drag, the heavier the fish you can catch. Thus, you can catch the same maximum fish size with both as they have the same maximum drag.

G-free body

That’s another category where both the reels are similar. This feature helps reduce the reel weight by moving the center of gravity closer to the rod.

With this, it helps minimize the casting effort and reduce casting fatigue.


As long as the same reel size is compared, both the series have identical weights.

This is because both are made of the same material, graphite. However, Sedona reels with sizes above 5000 are likely to be heavier as the size increases.

Gear ratio

The gear ratio defines the speed range of the reel. And, here’s a tie again for the Shimano Sedona vs Sahara as both have the same range of gear ratios from 4.6:1 to 6.2:1.

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This means both reels offer numerous speed options from low to high, covering all the essential spinning applications.

Shimano Sedona vs Sahara for Saltwater Fishing

You can use both the reels in the saltwater. But small sizes reel is not suitable for saltwater. So, you shouldn’t use tiny reel sizes such as 500 for fishing in saltwater.

Sizes with 4000 and above are preferred. They are properly sealed and are durable so that they can prevent saltwater from causing corrosion.

But still, you should take proper care of the reel to avoid damage. It is essential to clean salt from it after each use to keep the corrosion away.

However, comparing available sizes Sedona is a better fit for use in saltwater due to higher size variants. And increasing the reel size also lets you catch stronger and bigger fish.

But if you are looking for a reel to fish in saltwater only, you can find products designed specifically for the same.

Shimano has a range of reels made for saltwater use that are made to last longer than the regular ones.

Comparing the Fishing Applications

The variation in the size allows using these reels for many different purposes including offshore and small freshwater fishing.

The medium gear ratio of these reels makes them compatible with a range of baits and lures. That’s what makes them more popular than others.

Moreover, it also enables you to enjoy your vacations by packing just one reel and rod.

You can use these reels to fish for short to moderate-size species in saltwater including small bass, trout, panfish, and catfish.And you can pair it with a spinning rod of the same quality. Doing this all-around setup makes it easy to cast light lures.

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In terms of lures, the reels work great with crankbaits of medium depth, shallow spinnerbaits, swimming jigs, and jerk baits among others.

If you are a beginner, you will be happy with both the reels due to their versatility. Both Sedona and Sahara reels are brilliant at helping you learn several fishing techniques and perform distinct experiments.

Wrap Up – Shimano Sedona vs Sahara

In this Shimano Sedona vs Sahara comparison, we found the reels to be identical in various departments with a few differences.

Sedona offers a higher range of sizes but Sahara offers better performance due to the technology. Moreover, the latter is also more durable and stable.

In addition, an extra bearing in the Sahara reels makes them smoother in casting and other operations.

The maximum drag allows both to catch bigger fish but Sahara takes a lead here again. It can be a better pick for catching aggressive and big fishes in some reel sizes.

But in case you are targeting very big fishes, you need to pick the Shimano Sedona reels. These reels are great at their job and you won’t regret using them.


What is the difference between Shimano Sahara and Sedona?

Both the reels are quite similar in various aspects. The only differences are the number of bearings, gear technology, and some variation in drag maximum for different sizes.

Can the Shimano Sedona be used in saltwater?

Yes. Shimano Sedona can be used in salt water as long as you are using the reel of size 4000 and above. Cleaning them after use extends their life.

Where is Shimano Sahara made?

All the reels from Shimano including the Sahara series are made in Japan.

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