Best Shimano Reels For Bass

Best shimano reels for bass
Best shimano reels for bass
Best shimano reels for bass

Best Shimano Reels for Bass

We have some of the best Shimano reels for bass on the market.

These items are designed to be super effective to anglers.

For bass fishing, spinning reels are highly common among anglers and this is because they are:

  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Easy to use

Moreso, they can also be used for different techniques such as drop shots and jigging. Spinning reels can be used by anglers at both professional and beginner levels they are very easy to use and learn

Spinning reels for bass will definitely be needed in any type of freshwater that you may be fishing in,

Things To Consider When Buying Spinning Reels for Bass

While purchasing a spinning reel for bass, eight  things that you must bear in mind include:


One of the most essential features that must be considered is the construction of the spinning reel. This involves the material that is used in making the spinning reel.

For instance, spinning reels that are not made from a quality material tend to not be efficient and spoil faster.

However, spinning reels made of materials such as graphite composite are far better as they are less susceptible to corrosion especially if you are fishing in saltwater. Aluminium alloy can also be used but they are more costly and much heavier than graphite although graphite is less sturdy

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If your budget permits, die-cast aluminum is superior in strength. Iodized or reinforced frames can be used to prevent rust.


Spinning reels that are too heavy can negatively affect your shoulder and arms. As a result, it is better to opt for something that is lighter in weight.

Thanks to improvements in tech and construction of spinning reels over the years, there are now a lot of reels that are lightweight and provide as much efficiency and convenience as their heavier counterparts.

Also,, setting up a heavy reel with a light weight rod will create an imbalance and cause problems when casting.

Reel and spool size

There are a vast number of models of spinning reels that have different sizes. It is necessary to consider size as it affects:

  • weight,
  • power,
  • speed,
  • spool capacity, and
  • drag output.

Ensure to match the reel size with your rod. The spool in the reel keeps the line in place and affects the smoothness of the casting as well as  the distance.

The material used to make most spools are either graphite or aluminum. For a medium sized reel, getting a medium sized spool is ideal. This also applies to small and larger reels because the spool size must align with the reel size.

Line capacity

Line capacity is simply defined as the  number of yards of lines which the spool is able to hold. The line capacity is measured in two numbers:

  • The first involves the pound test
  • The second is the length.

So, if the line capacity is 20 160, this simply means that the reel is suitable for lines that are up to 20 pounds and 160 yards.

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The option of the most ideal line capacity for you is largely dependent on the type of line that you are using.

Hence, with a braided line which is commonly used in spinning reels for bass, less line capacity is recommended than a fluorocarbon or mono line.

Best shimano reels for bass
Best shimano reels for bass

Basically, many experts advise sticking to a line capacity with a pound test that is below 20 pounds.

Gear ratio

The gear ratio of a reel determines the number of times that the line is able to go around the spool with just  one turn of the handle.

The gear ratio for bass fishing is 6:1 and it is simply nice, and also a versatile ratio which can be used in a number of lures and techniques.

Note that larger reels have lower gear ratios.

The gear ratio range of most brands is about 5.2:1 to 6.2:1. With  a drop-shot rig or tube baits in deep water, reels which have a gear ratio of 7.0:1 is highly recommended.

Drag system

When fishing for bigger and stronger fish, drag must be highly considered.

Importance of Drag

Some of the benefits of drag include:

  • It is very necessary as it is what places pressure on the fish allowing it to get tired.
  • It avoids tension which could occur from breaking the fish line as well as other fishing gear and lacks such as the hooks and lures.
  • It determines casting.
  • The drag system has buttons or knobs which make it better as it is easily adjustable and will remain durable or a long period of time.

Anti-reverse handles

With anti-reverse handles, the reel is prevented from turning backward and thus activating or implementing the drag system in the process.

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With the anti reverse handles, great reels can easily permit the angler to turn the handles in and off according to preference.

Anti reverse handles must have a good grip and should be easily found.

Ball bearings

Basically, ball bearings are an essential requirement as they add to the smoothness, stability and support of the spinning reel. Moreso, with more ball bearings, the spinning reel is better.

Top Bass spinning reels come with stainless steel ball bearings and one of the most common materials that is found in the more affordable spinning reels is the Chrome.

Are spinning reels good for bass?

For medium sized fish such as the bass, spinning reels are highly recommended as they are very easy and convenient to use, relatively inexpensive and can be versatile.

There are so many benefits of spinning reels. Some common advantages include:

  • It is very easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • it provides a very strong and reliable system of drag

Spinning reels have many advantages, especially for hobbyists or new bass fishermen. They provide a solid and dependable drag system; they are easy to learn how to use and are often relatively inexpensive.

What is a good size spinning reel for bass?

The ideal size for a bass spinning reel is 3000-size.

Is a 4000 reel good for bass?

Bass is a medium sized fish and as such, the best size spinning reel is a 3000 size spinning reel as it is light weight. However, for much bigger fish and saltwater fishing, the 4000 size spinning reel is much better.