Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

Spinning reels are one of the crucial parts of fishing gear. And if you are considering ultralight fishing, Shimano and Pflueger have some famous reels for this purpose.

Here, we will be discussing Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President to know which one’s better in what department.

Both are considered great buys for fishing pan and trout fishes. But you got to choose only one.

So, let’s compare the Pflueger President and Shimano Sedona.

First Impressions – Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President
Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

President has always created reels with impressive lightness and smoothness features. And this one from the brand is no different.

It offers small resistance when spinning the handle and ensures a nice glide of the spool along with. The Shimano Sedona is comparatively heavier but feels smooth in the hands.

The latter weighs 7.6oz and with that weight, it won’t balance properly on some of the fine ultralight rods on the market.

Besides, judging the gear quality is difficult.

Shimano puts in good money to optimize the metal that the brand utilizes in the gears. And the same quality gets reflected in the Sedona reels.

Contrarily, the quality of the President’s gear is not so good.

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When they are new, the reels feel smooth to use. But they start feeling crunchy after some time.

Thus, going by the first impressions, Shimano Sedona proves to be better than the Pflueger President although a bit heavy.

Line Lay

It’s an important feature of spinning reels that you can use to differentiate good reels from great ones.

A good lay line works in multiple ways. It helps minimize line twists as well as enhances the casting distance.

Both reels perform at par with the minimum scores in this department. Both have even line winds and uniform patterns.

However, Pflueger gets a minor spool, forcing a tighter wrap for the line. And the reel is likely to offer more issues related to the line memory.

Ball bearings and smoothness

When new, almost all the modern spinning reels come with decent smoothness out of the box. Thus, when a reel is new, comparing this factor won’t be easy.

However, the difference in smoothness becomes visible when the spinning reel is used under stress. And this generally happens when fighting a big fish.

But, in case a new spinning reel doesn’t feel smooth, you should return it and get it replaced or find another model.

One thing that defines the smoothness is the number of ball bearings. Here, Sedona comes with 4 ball bearings while the President has 7.


A rigid frame is an important characteristic of a spinning reel.

If you have a reel with a cheap frame, it will easily bend under pressure. This will disturb the alignment of the internal gearings. As a result, moving parts will start rubbing and cause a jerky recovery.

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Both Shimano and Pflueger offer sturdy frames with their reels. The frames won’t bend under pressure, even if you switch the drag to its maximum limit.


Drag is the value that defines how much heavy fish you can capture with a reel. Since we are comparing ultralight Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President reels, that won’t be an issue.

Both the spinning reels come with great drag for ultralight fishing. Shimano Sedona’s maximum drag for the lightest reel is 7 pounds while the same for President is 6 pounds.

But when you are out for trout fishing, you shouldn’t use drag more than 3lb.

However, felt drags offer a smoother and more consistent performance than carbon drags. Moreover, when dealing with low-pressure reels, buying carbon drags won’t add many advantages.

While both the reels are at par in terms of drag performance, the Pflueger reel has a slightly louder drag clicker sound.


Bail arms are good in both the spinning reels.

They offer a secure snap-shut with no (or negligible) chance of any accidental closing at the time of cast.

The Verdict – Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President
Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President

Concluding the comparison would be difficult here as both the reels are good and quite similar.

The first major difference between Shimano Sedona FI vs Pflueger President is the weight. So, if you are looking for ultralight fishing with a finesse rod, go for the President reel.

While the Sedona isn’t much heavier, some anglers still feel the 7.6oz to be a bulky option.

Overall, Shimano feels to be a better reel because of the less flash and better build.

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Despite the less number of ball bearings, it offers a smooth experience due to the tolerance and engineering.

Moreover, the Shimano Sedona also performs better in terms of memory and line twists because of the bigger spool mixed and faster retrieve.


Is Pflueger a good brand?

Over the years, Pflueger has earned the reputation of being the leading name in the realm of reel and rod producers.

Moreover, the popular products of this brand are touted to be made for “the different fisherman.” Moreover, the brand is known for reliability, precision, and advancement.

Other features of the brand include satisfactory workmanship and dedication to innovation for producing exceptional angling products.

Over the span of 120 years, the brand has been known for high-quality items with top quality as their priority.

In short, Pflueger is a good brand that creates products that perform.

Is Pflueger made in USA?

Pflueger, as a company, is made in the USA. Earnest A. Pflueger founded the company and expanded the product range from hooks to all the fishing gear and tackle.

Although the first reel from the company was manufactured in the USA (Akron, Ohio), it manufactures most products overseas today.

This helps reduce manufacturing costs without compromising the American standards.

Where is Pflueger President made?

Pflueger is an American company but gets its reels manufactured from overseas, preferably in China.

Thus, the Pflueger President is also made in China.

Can you use Pflueger President in saltwater?

If you are planning for saltwater fishing, Pflueger President shouldn’t be your first choice.

With no components sealed, the reels might take damage easily. However, if you are still going to use the President reels in saltwater, you should maintain them meticulously.


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