Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros

Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros

In today’s fishing market, you can find numerous brands from the traditionally established to new ones trying to flourish.

Shimano and Daiwa are two of the popular brands in this saturated market. These brands have lasted for years with a reputation for delivering quality products.

Both are Japanese manufacturers that have sustained a long time in the market. But do you know which produces better reels?

When considering these brands, kayakers usually stay confused when comparing Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros.

With both better than most of their competitors, let’s find out which one outscores the other.

Comparing the Brands – Shimano and Daiwa Reels

Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros
Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros

From fishing forums to groups on Facebook, discussions around finding a better brand have been there for years.

Both have garnered popularity as top brands for producing fishing gear. And every discussion is likely to get one or the other mentioned by anglers.

So, if you find someone endorsing one brand, it doesn’t mean the other is a bad choice. It could be a matter of personal choice more than technical qualities.

Usually, Shimano is considered a better brand than the Daiwa. And if you ask anglers to vote for their favorite among the two, most will choose the former.

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Brand History – Shimano vs Daiwa

Shimano is a Japanese fishing gear company and the brainchild of Shozaburo Shimano. He founded the company by the name Shimano Iron Works company in 1921.

An initial focus on bicycle parts made this company grow and attract international fame in the next decades. However, it entered the fishing market in 1970 only.

It was then that the company came up with its first spinning reel. From there, Shimano has grown into one of the biggest and most successful fishing gear manufacturers.

The company completed 100 years of operation in 2021 and hasn’t stopped growing yet.

Daiwa, on the other hand, started straight into the fishing world in 1958.

Then, it was a small reel maker but attained the title of a global tackle brand quite soon. Anglers started using quality gear from Daiwa for various species and disciplines worldwide.

The brand Daiwa has been synonymous with continuous innovation that has always pushed the industry forward.

Even after several logo changes, anglers still consider Daiwa as a quality fishing brand known for ingenuity.

Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros – The Differentiating Factors

In terms of quality, functionality, and overall brand presence, Daiwa reels are generally ruled out by those from Shimano.

The smoothness and durability of the reels make a major difference here. In terms of Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros, the former reels are likely to last longer.

Although buying reels from Shimano costs more than those from Daiwa, the durability and long life make them a better investment.

Some anglers have been using Shimano reels for over a decade and they still work well.

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Shimano also ensures a wonderful fishing experience with smooth reels. Most Shimano reels run without hiccups and feel like butter smooth when fishing.

Besides Nexave, Vanford is also an excellent example of a quality reel from Shimano. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider Daiwa.

Although they can’t offer as much smoothness and longevity, Daiwa reels are often preferred for lower prices and top quality.

Especially for beginners and limited-budget anglers, Daiwa offers some great low-cost options, particularly in lower-tier models.

Daiwa Revros is an affordable choice that offers great value when caliber and cost are considered.

Shimano Nexave Fishing Reel

Shimano created this reel to cater to a wide range of anglers. The use of composite materials allows anglers to use the Nexave for inshore saltwater and freshwater fishing.

The reel gets is smoothness from the 4 ball bearings provided. It supports fishing lines of sizes 25, 30, and 40 with varying capacities.

Shimano Nexave features ambidextrous handedness and is an ideal reel for fishing bass.

It weighs 9 ounces with a size 25 line, 9.2 ounces with a size 30 line, and 11.5 ounces with a size 40 line.

The reel also comes with a general manufacturer warranty of 1 year.

Daiwa Revros Fishing Reel

The latest variant of the Revros reel from Daiwa, Revros LT features a proven reel design housing the LT concept.

The reel is made light yet tough with a reduction of 2 ounces and 5 ounces of weight in the 2000 and 4000 models respectively.

However, it provides a solid framework alongside an improved strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, it transfers power to the main gear smoothly through the machined aluminum handle.

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It also features a 15% lighter rotor, the Air Rotor System that provides for a smooth positive retrieval.

For smoothness, the Revros range of reels comes with a 4+1 bearing system to ensure smoothness.

The weight of the reel ranges from 7.4 ounces for the 1000 model to 9.9 ounces for the 4000-c model.

The Verdict – Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros

Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros
Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros

Comparisons become easy when one product surpasses the other by a great margin.

But here, comparing Shimano Nexave vs Daiwa Revros makes it difficult as both fall on the list of top fishing reels.

However, they still differ in terms of longevity, smoothness, and cost. Comparatively, Shimano produces durable and smoother reels but Daiwa’s products are affordable.

But both are known to deliver quality fishing gear products.

So, if you are a beginner or budget-friendly angler, you should go with Daiwa reels.

Professional anglers needing more durability and long-term smoothness should spend a few more bucks for Shimano.


Is Shimano nexave for saltwater?

Yes. Shimano Nexave is a good choice for saltwater fishing.

The reel uses composite materials that make it suitable for fishing in inshore saltwater and freshwater. Moreover, it ensures smooth to use with 4 ball bearings.

Are Daiwa reels bigger than Shimano?

Usually, Daiwa reels are slightly bigger than those from Shimano if you compare spool diameter and physical sizes of the reels.

It goes without saying that you should compare reels from the same size segment. For instance, 1000 reels from Daiwa are slightly larger than those from Shimano.

Are Daiwa fishing reels good?

Daiwa is a fishing gear manufacturer that’s popular for longevity and reliability.

It’s known to produce high-quality, budget reels. However, the brand also deals with high-end reels.

When comparing the cost, the brand offers some of the best fishing reels in the industry.

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