What is a Good Shimano Reel?

What is a Good Shimano Reel?

Smart anglers purchase Shimano spinning reels because they are aware that making use of precision-tuned fishing reels provides the additional helps needed to achieve success.

What is a good Shimano reel?  Though Shimano has not gotten to North America for a long period as others, this company has gotten a name for giving out amazing performance and reliability.

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This is because every model seems lightweight and responsive, added this product has the industry’s leading casting accuracy.

Best Shimano spinning reels for the money

  1. Shimano Stella SW. Best Saltwater Spinning Reel.
  1. Shimano Stella FJ. Best Freshwater Spinning Reel.
  1. Shimano Ultegra XSD. Best Long Cast Spinning Reel.

No products found.

  1. Shimano Exsence.
  1. Shimano Stradic Ci4.
  1. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ RA.
  1. Shimano NASCI

How do I choose a Shimano spinning reel?

Are wondering about the series or models to select for fishing needs? The best Shimano reel for is anyone who wants to fish.

To assist anyone to get the best spinning reel for him/her, these are nine essentials factors to be considered.

Spool size

All series of Shimano reels provide models that seem to have the ability for all things, these start from super light freshwater species and go down to larger offshore game fish.

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The numerical figures of the product code stand for the spool’s diameter. A bigger diameter enables more lines to spool the fishing reel.

What is a good Shimano reel?

In this article the reel having the smallest size is 1000, it carries out light finesse fishing.

At the end of the opposite side of the spectrum is a giant, getting in at 14000 in size.

Freshwater and inshore salt

1000 these reels’ size is most appropriately used alongside a 4 to 8 pound line, it is targeted on small to medium crappie, bream, walleye, or trout.

2500 – 3000 this size of reel is used for jumping up to 6 to 5 pound test. The 2500 reel size is the most versatile size, then the 3000 size hardly gets twist.

This size could carry on all smaller species and medium such as large mouth bass.


4000-6000 the exact reel size at 4000 would be seen as a medium, although a 6000 size is hefty and bigger.

The reels of this size will work with 10 to 70 pound tests of mono and Fluorocarbon.

These reels should carry out operations on big freshwater predators and smaller inshore salt fishing.


8000 – 10000 these reels are larger both in physicality and capacity, their duty is to prey on fishes that are large, as in species that reach the 20 to 30 pounds mark.

If one wants to hunt down the striper, leopard shark, or rays; these reels are the large size type of reels.

14000+ whatever goes over the 14000 sizes, has to be for exceptional anglers that want to fish massive species.

The reel size could hold from 16 to 50 pound test of mono and Fluorocarbon! One targets sharks with spinning reels of this size.


It is very essential that the reel size chosen, corresponds with the type and line size that is fished with.

On Shimano reels, capacity numbers are printed on the side of the reel. These numbers points out the average range, as in this way: pound-test weight/length in yards.

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For example:

A stamp on a reel having 8/140 approximately 8 pounds-test /at 140 yards, this interprets that the reel could have an extra 6 and 10 pounds weight also.

Drag system

It is the manufactured braking system of the reel made inside of it. One could select a front or a rear system.

Front:  it is placed on top of the spool. It has various drag washers for an additional durability and working ability. It works in moderate and also expensive spinning reels.

Rear: This is gotten below the reel’s body. It seems less complex to get to when struggling with a fish, because it is still fragile.

Also, it is not proper to be used for strong and quick fighting fish. Cheap reels as the Shimano IX work with the rear system.

Max Drag

The maximum rating points out the limited potential a reel possesses. In the article, this Shimano spinning reels posses limited drags varying from 7 to 44 pounds (19.96 kg).

Gear ratio

These are the inner sections that gives rotational force from the handle and then to the spool.

When one needs quick retrieves, then reaction hits, go for the option of 6:1:1 or more.

Although if an individual makes use of crank baits, spinner baits for heavy cranking, go for the lower ratio such as 4:1:1.

When an individual is stuck between and needs versatile targeting, go for 5:1:1 or 6:0:1.

Ball bearings

Many Shimano spin reels make use of protected anti-rust ball bearings.

They work the reduction of friction, during periods when the bail arm and spool rotate.

Reels have a print with a set of numerical figures to stand for ball bearings as in, “6+1.”

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What is a Good Shimano Reel?
What is a Good Shimano Reel?

The number that appears first (6) indicates a six-ball-bearing unit, while the number that appears later (1) is one pinion/roller gear.

The Shimano “Super Stopper II” pinion is what provides smooth hook sets.

Shimano spinning reels Construction

Shimano provides their products with the industry leading technology which then eventually produces the best quality reels.

There components such as Cold forged Hagane gears with the additional Shimano’s advanced Micromodule II and X-Ship pinion suppers system.

These would provide undisturbed smooth handling and amazing durability even though there might be heavy loads.

Making use of the propulsion management system would offer nice fishing line control.

 Also, carrying out AR-C spool on all reels to give long and precise casting.

Reel weight

It should be certain about how reel weight is an essential factor. Weight offers a huge difference on long fishing trips.

The nice thing to be heard is that Shimano reels provide all, including ultra-lightweight 5.3 ounces to 12.7 ounces goes to freshwater and inshore reels. Shimano salt-style reels go from a huge 15.5 ounces to 23.5 ounces.

High quality materials

The reel body and material are important because they decide the durability of the reel and its weight.

Shimano Hagane aluminum and carbon-fiber are the most outstanding materials.

They are strong, corrosion resistant, and lightweight. Shimano’s kind of graphite is called X-T7, it is strong and as a composite, it cannot rust.


As a firm, Shimano provides a two-year only warranty.

Be mindful to go through the nice print in the warranty. It is important to be aware of actions that could ruin a warranty.