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How To Start Fishing -The Easy Way

Fishing is a great activity that not only keeps you fit but also lets you feel the heat of the sun on your face, improves vitamin D uptake, helps combat depression, elevates concentration, boosts up self-esteem, and lets you appreciate the time spent in the activity.

Before you begin your fishing, there are various aspects to take care of which will ensure that you enjoy your time and make the most out of your trip.

Read on as in this article, we will discuss its basics, talk about the relevant gear, and the process of catching your first fish that will surely set you up for your fishing adventure.



Basics of Fishing

There are certain basic requirements implemented by the state that should be covered before planning a trip.

You can search for fishing licenses online, at related shops, or convenience stores.

You can get a one-day license for a fairly inexpensive price, or an annual license that will keep you covered for upcoming trips the whole year. A simple online search will help you secure a license.


Next, talk to the locals in the fishing scene to get an idea of the waters and fishing spots. For first-timers, lakes are a great option as the waters are calm with plenty of catches to find.

Furthermore, learning fishing etiquette is necessary as it will help you improve your skills and let you be comfortable in the new environment.

Start fishing in water that is around 50-50 feet deep and not too crowded, adopt the best practices, and do read the local fishing regulations before you begin.

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Fishing Gear

For beginners, a good fishing rod with a reel would suffice, but more equipment might be necessary, depending on your fishing goals.

Most fishing experts emphasize using appropriate gear for the ultimate experience. Catching a fish in a lake would require the use of a simple reel.

Whereas, when fishing in freshwater, the use of baitcasting reels to catch bass or other types of freshwater fish would be the right choice.

The gear you use will always depend on the type of waters you want to fish in, the type of fish to catch, and the overall conditions that could affect the fishing trip.


Besides a rod and reel, there are several basic pieces of equipment like lures, baits, bobbers, rubber nets, pliers, and storage boxes that will be used every time you hit the waters.

Catching Fish

There are 3 basic steps used to catch fish that are gradually refined with time as you go through the learning curve.

  1. Casting is simply throwing the lure into the water with the help of a rod as far as possible. Think of casting as throwing a baseball.You can learn from fellow fishing enthusiasts to perform casting and practice to refine your technique over time.
  2. To secure a catch, learning how to hook is crucial, as no one wants to lose their catch to poor hooks or strong waters.
  3. After you have successfully hooked the fish, start winding up the reel and bring the fish close to shore.Use the fishing net to secure the catch. This last step is called ‘landing,’ in which you ensure that no damage is dealt with the fish and decide whether it’s a catch and release.
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These are the basic tips that will help you in getting started for your fishing trip.

There are still many aspects that need to be covered, so be sure to dedicate more time to research this amazing activity and learn about new things to get the most out of the time you spent in this activity.