Which Bonafide Kayak is Best?

Which Bonafide Kayak is Best

Owning a kayak can be fun. But shopping for one can be overwhelming with various choices available.

But first things first. Do you want to go for adventurous kayaking or a relaxing day out? Considering how you will use your kayak and where you will paddle can help determine which Bonafide kayak is best.

How to Know Which Bonafide Kayak is Best for You?

Let’s know some tricks and guides that will assist you in discovering the perfect kayak for you.

Which Bonafide Kayak is Best
Which Bonafide Kayak is Best

Sit-in or Sit-on-top

These are the two usually available kayaks.

The sit-on-top ones are user-friendly and considered ideal for fishing and spending recreational time on the water.

  • A versatile and better choice for beginners
  • Simple to hop on and off when as they offer good stability
  • Ideal for warm waters as you might get splashed
  • These self-bailing kayaks have scupper holes for water drainage

The kayaks with sit-in feature a cockpit. These follow the traditional approach to designing a kayak.

  • Sit-in kayaks offer shelter from water and wind. It prevents water from entering the kayak when paddling.
  • Offer extra storage space
  • Have a lower center of gravity that enables efficient paddling than sit-on-top kayaks

Hull Type

How a boat is shaped at the bottom defines its performance and stability in water. Thus, you should consider what hull design you need.

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But before, let’s understand the types of stabilities:

  • Primary Stability: Also referred to as initial stability, it is the stability of the kayak when you get into it. Higher the primary stability, less are your chances of flipping when stepping in and sitting.
  • Secondary Stability: This one refers to the stability of the kayak after you start paddling. It’s measured for the time when you begin to move in the water.

Now, let’s understand the different hull types available:

  • Rounded hull: The rounded edges enhance the speed and enable boats to travel easily through the water. This hull increases the kayak’s maneuverability and secondary stability.
  • Flat hull: This hull type makes boats maneuverable as well as stable with amazing primary stability. The kayak gets more stability with a flatter hull. It’s ideal for beginners and recreational kayakers in flat waters.
  • V-shaped hull: It cuts via the water easily, making the kayak travel in a straight line. This hull is a perfect pick for recreational paddling and long-distance trips. It also gives good secondary stability.
  • Chine hull: This hull is designed with the boat’s bottom meeting the sides with a hard chine and more angles or a rounded soft chine. Increasing the softness of the chine improves the boat’s secondary stability.
  • Pontoon hull: It is a mix of two hulls. It combines the flat hulls’ primary stability and rounded hulls’ secondary stability but makes the boat slower.

Weight Capacity

Every kayak is made different. And so is its weight carrying capacity.

Which Bonafide Kayak is Best
Which Bonafide Kayak is Best

Thus, you should check for how much total weight the kayak can carry including the paddler and other things.

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Find the one that can carry you and essential items like fishing tackles, gear, and coolers.

Width and Length

Normally, if your kayak is narrower and longer, it will go straighter and faster. On the contrary, it is more stable and simpler to turn when the kayak is shorter and wider.

However, if you are a beginner in kayaking, a wider kayak is recommended.

Recreational kayaks are around 8 to 13 feet long and are prepared for rivers, creeks, small lakes, and calm waters. They can sail through passageways or narrow inlets efficiently.

On the other hand, touring kayaks are almost 14 to 18 feet long. These are prepared to perform well in big rivers, lakes, or waves.

You should consider your height while considering the length of the kayak, especially for sit-in kayaks. For a pleasant experience on the water, you must ensure that you fit well in the kayak.

For instance, if your height is 6 feet, a 12 feet boat will be more comfortable for you than 10 feet one.

Moreover, an adjustable footrest assists anglers in adjusting the height to the kayak length. In other words, it helps short people fit in long kayaks and vice versa.

Which Bonafide Kayak is Best?

After a quick guide about how to pick the best kayak, let’s explore which Bonafide kayak is best.

Bonafide SS127

It is specially designed to maximize stability without sacrificing performance. Moreover, it’s loaded with angler-friendly features.

Once you start paddling, you will appreciate Bonafide for all the features provided in the kayak.

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The SS127 is a perfect kayak that performs in all water types. You can take it for river fishing, offshore or inshore fishing, and even lake fishing.

Bonafide EX123

It is a comfortable sit-in kayak that features good paddling and stability. In addition, the cargo space, features, and performance level up your experience of water adventures.

It comes with a slim and wide hull that offers you top-class stability. In speed and tracking departments, the kayak scores well above average.

Bonafide RS117

If you don’t have a high budget but still want a premium kayaking experience, get the Bonafide RS117.

It sets a new standard for budget-conscious anglers. The RS117 is an affordable pick for experiencing an authentic fishing kayak.

The hybrid catamaran hull makes it a great platform with a wonderful balance of stability and performance.

Bonafide SS107

Although it looks like an entry-level kayak, Bonafide SS107 is a portable beast. It combines premium fishing features with a serious payload and a small footprint.

The key feature is its HiRise seating system. It’s an ultra-high seat that relieves pressure from your lower back by letting you bend your knees for sitting.

However, it allows a modification to lower position seating for long-distance water rides.

How Good are Bonafide Kayaks?

Since its inception in 2016, Bonafide has made its mark for carefully engineered, thoroughly designed, and high-quality kayaks.

All the Bonafide kayaks are made in the USA and are known to deliver great stability and uncompromised quality.

What makes kayaks from Bonafide good is the company’s sole focus on the fishing segment.

The company listens to what anglers say and experience and then works on it to improve its customer service and products.

So, if you are looking for which Bonafide kayak is best for you, follow the guide and get the one that meets your needs.

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