Best Fish Finders for Crappie

Best Fish Finders for Crappie

With the right fishing equipment, A crappie fish is the easiest to catch. You don’t need to be an expert fisherman.

 Knowing a bit about the waterbody, weather, and navigation also helps you get to the school of crappie fish before other anglers do. 

Crappie fish are social beings. They prefer staying close to other fish than straying out alone in search of food.

This is the only behavioral trait you need to know before heading out to fish. To get started, you need a fishing rod, high-quality reel, and a fish finder.   

Best Fish Finders for Crappie

Modern fish finders come with a wireless/wired CHIRP (Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse) Sonar and a handheld display device.

Although depending on the type of water body you plan to fish in, there are a variety of fish finders available in the market.

This post is intended to help you find the best fish finder for crappie fish. I have reviewed five of the best fish finders available in the market for crappie fishing.

Our Pick

61mF6Y10%2BnL. SL300

Deeper Pro + Smart Sonar

The Best Fish Finder for Crappie

Among all the fish finders for crapie below, this is the best one overall. It comes with all the advanced features needed to up your fishing game. It is suitable for all types of fishing methods.

Best Fish Finder for Crappie

1. Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar

61mF6Y10%2BnL. SL300

Are you interested in effective shore fishing with minimal equipment? Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is the best fish finder for crappie fishing. Be it a river, lake, pond, or sea, this device comes handy for anglers with all levels of proficiency. 

The Deeper PRO+ sonar is a small tennis-ball-sized fish finder that floats on the surface of the water.

To catch crappie fish, you must toss the sonar (attached to the line) into the water. The transducer will begin scanning fifteen times per second. The data is transmitted to your smartphone. 

Furthermore, this fish finder for crappie has a casting range of 330 feet. You don’t need to worry about being on the right spot— the device will direct you there in a matter of minutes.

Secondly, the sonar can scan as deep as 260 feet. All activity is saved on a cloud-based platform via the Fish Deeper App.

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar is Suitable for:

The Deeper PRO+ comes with the most advanced sonar technology. A tiny tennis-ball-sized device can measure depth, locate fish, record the path, and send data to a smartphone.

Although it is favored by shore fishermen, this fish finder is perfectly suitable for fishing crappie from a pontoon boat or kayak. 


  • One of the best fish finders for shore fishing
  • Small-sized and compact design
  • Get free access to the Lakebook app
  • Recording data is automatically saved on a cloud-based platform


  • The sonar may get stuck in an ice fishing hole
  • Does not come with a flexible mounter
81QhVhlURzL. AC SL300

Raymarine is a UK-based marine equipment manufacturer. The Dragonfly 7 Pro is a GPS-enabled fishfinder with a 7-inch LCD display. Not a lot of fish finders come with such a large screen. 

The display unit literally looks like a modern tablet computer. This product comes with accessories like an instruction manual, compact disk, SD card, connecting cables, transducer, mounter, screws, and much more. 

Fishfinders from Raymarine are generally made with plastic or carbon fiber. The parts may appear delicate, but they are tried and tested several times.

The mounter needs to be attached to the metal surface of the boat with the help of nuts and bolts— needless to say, you need to drill holes into the metal. 

The CPT-DVS transom mount is permanently attached to the connecting cable, which makes assembling easy as pie. Also, the sonar unit consists of two transducers— each for a specific operation.

The Ultra Wide CHIRP DownVision and CHIRP-powered fish targeting channel are affixed into a single unit. 

The Ultra Wide CHIRP DownVision brings to you clear and concise imagery on the LCD display.

This is basically an improved version of the traditional 2D sonar. The images are clutter-free and picture-like. Furthermore, these sonars are capable of functioning as deep as 600 feet. The screen will also show you the contents present in the bottom of the waterbody.

You can also bring your smartphone into the mix. Instead of using the large LCD screen, download the Navionics SonarChart Live app on your smartphone and generate up-to-date bathymetric charts. The device also has North American maps preloaded in the memory. 

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is Suitable for: 

This product is suitable for anglers who want to transition from using old-fashioned flashers to modern-day fish finders. The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro is one of the easiest fish finders to install. 


  • The device is Wifi enabled
  • The manufacturer provides all the training material with the product
  • Comes with all the essential accessories for crappie fishing


  • Does not come with a protective cover for the device
  • Connecting cable should be detachable from the transducer

If you are looking for a portable and affordable fishfinder, Venterior VT-FF001 might be the right fit for you.

This is a no-nonsense fish finder for those planning to begin their crappie fishing journey without having to spend a fortune. The package includes a handheld device, AAA batteries, and the sonar. No need to mount it on the dashboard. 

To use this fish finder, simply toss the line into the water and turn on the handheld device.

The sonar will get submerged into the water, and the floater will keep the line in place. What makes this product the best fish finder for crappie fishing? 

This device will keep you informed about the water depth, the location of the fish, and the presence or absence of plantation on the bottom.

The transducer unit is basically a 2D sonar which performs a decent job of locating the crappie fish and messing the depth of water.

The sonar is capable of operating as deep as 328 feet into the water. Also, the electromagnetic waves with the frequency of 200Khz are spread at a 45-degree angle from the fishing line. 

Venterior VT-FF001 is Suitable for: 

Portable fish finders are generally used by shore fishermen. However, this device is suitable for fishing crappie from a kayak, pontoon boat, off the dock, or ice fishing.

This fish finder can also function form a moving boat— the speed should be less than 5mph.  


  • Wide range of operating temperature (-14 degrees F to 122 degrees F)
  • Fully operational even in depths lower than 328 feet
  • Small and compact design
  • Perfect for saltwater/freshwater crappie fishing
  • The AAA batteries are not included in the product package
61JBl50OL4L. AC SL300

Are you looking for a small-sized and compact fish finder for crappie fishing? Maybe you own a pontoon or a small tug boat, and you do not wish to overcrowd the dashboard with a lot of accessories.

The Dragonfly 4DVS from Raymarine might be the perfect fit for you. 

The Dragonfly 4DVS comes with an LED-backlit display (4.3-inch). Also, it is equipped with an advanced CHIRP DownVision Sonar. The device will reveal the details hidden inside the water clearly and concisely. 

Furthermore, this fish finder works right out of the box. The auto-tuning feature gets to work the moment you toss the line and turn on the device. However, it might take a while to optimize after the water (from saltwater to freshwater or vice versa).

The DownVision Sonar is known for its excellent fish targeting ability. It can focus as narrow or as wide as you want it to. Plus, the sonar also brings crystal clear picture-like images of the underwater view. On top of that, it also has superior deep water performance. It works as deep as 600 feet.

Raymarine Dragonfly 4DVS is Suitable for: 

Are you one of those anglers who head out to the sea just to catch crappie fish? If you don’t have any inclination towards the leisure part of fishing, get the best fish finder for crappie to make the expedition quick and easy. 

The entire Dragonfly 4DVS setup weighs less than three pounds. If you don’t like keeping the device mounted on the dashboard, simply carry it in your backpack.


  • Lightweight and compact crappie fish finder
  • High screen resolution
  • Works in all weather conditions

Cons of Best Fish Finders for Crappie

  • The auto settings may take time to readjust to different waters
  • Not good for side scan
71zPkSY4j3L. AC SL300

Lucky Manufacturer Co is China’s leading fishing equipment manufacturer. The company has been supplying it’s portable fish finders to fishermen all over the world.

The FFW-718 model is small, compact, and mobile. It is entirely wireless. The transducer stays afloat on the water with the fishing line hooked into it.

The package includes a booklet, a handheld device, wireless sonar, 3V CR2032 button battery, neck strap, antenna, and a waterproof protective cover.

The primary function of this crappie fish finder is to measure the depth of the waterbody and locate it. It works in both saltwater and freshwater.

After the Raymarine Dragonfly 4DVS, this is another fish finder in the list that lets you catch a school of fish in no time.

By scanning a large area in seconds, the Lucky FF1-718 does not let you slide the opportunity of capturing an entire group of crappie fish. This device is suitable for both down and side scan.

Wireless Lucky Fish Finder is Suitable for:

High-performance and reasonable price makes Lucky FF1-718 the best fish finder for crappie fish.

This product is indeed imported from China— you won’t get the quality customer service that you get from US-based manufacturers, but the booklet (written in plain English) explains everything in detail.

Pros of Best Fish Finders for Crappie

  • You can zoom at any given depth
  • Works excellently in lakes with dense-plantation
  • Displays fish or a school of fish
  • The activity gets stored in the built-in memory


  • The battery life could be better

Best Fish Finders for Crappie FAQ

Are Crappies Influenced by Weather?

Like every other fish on earth, crappies, too, are influenced by the changes in temperature. Crappies move from one waterbody to another, depending on the weather. The good news is that they do not migrate long distances like some of the other fish do. 

For instance, during winters, when the primary channel is ice cold, some crappies migrate to a nearby secondary channel. 

Unless you are exclusively interested in ice fishing, summer is the best time of the year to go out for fishing crappie.

Most people despise going out in the open in summer as it can get sweltering, especially in the southern parts of America. It is advised to head out early in the morning (or midnight) and fish till 10 am. 

On the other hand, if you stay in a tropical country like Costa Rica or Panama, fishing crappies is productive all round the year. In the central parts of America, the weather is either pleasant or gloomy— both perfect for crappies to thrive. 

How Do I Find a Crappie With a Fish Finder?

To locate crappie fish in freshwater (with or without dense-plantation), you will need the best fish finder that sends accurate information on the deck.

From the top angle, it is challenging to judge where the crappie fish are located. You need to know the depth of the waterbody, the exact location of the fish, and the temperature of the water.

Catching crappie fish in a river, lake or a creek is easier than you think. Assuming you are heading out with a portable crappie fish finder such as Dragonfly 4DVS or Lucky FF1-718, you will need to cast with a 1/16-ounce jig head laced with a scent of an attractant.

Depending on the general visibility underwater, you can pick the color of the lure. 

Once you are all set, head to the fish location and throw the line in the general direction of the fish

Before you get to the large meaty ones, you might have to catch a few small and easy targets. This way, you can test the accuracy of the fish finder as well.  

Which Fish Finder Shows Fish the Best?

Keep in mind that sonar is not equipped with an underwater camera. It sends electromagnetic waves into the water.

Once the waves hit an object (a fish or a plant), the sonar forms a rough picture of it and sends it back to the deck. I am trying to say that you cannot expect to see a high-definition image of the fish.  

That being said, Dragonfly 7 Pro from Raymarine is equipped with the latest sonar technology to show you picture-like images of fish.

To watch live fish underwater, simply use the easy-to-use navigation button to select the option “Sonar.” You can also split the screen to have a chart displayed alongside the sonar imagery.

What is the Best GPS Fish Finder for the Money?

Fishfinders from Garmin have the best and the most advanced GPS navigation systems. However, they may not have the full range of features of a fish finder like one of the best in the market.

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is an affordable fish finder for mapping and navigation. You can create bathymetric maps from the shore itself. 

What Does Fish Look Like on a Fish Finder?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, the sonar imagery is merely a reflection or shadow of what goes on underwater.

Although, with the latest image processing technology, device manufacturers find a way to enhance and make the raw images look picture-like. 

A traditional 2D transducer produces images that appear like arches or spikes. The images appear in a combination of RGB colors. Since the images are displayed without much processing, they also include other objects or hindrances present underwater. 

Such is not the case with advanced CHIRP Sonars. Fishfinders with a CHIRP Sonar have a feature known as Down Imaging.

Down Imaging makes the images of fish appear like distorted versions of a digital picture. Sometimes even the shadow of the fish is visible.

Best Fish Finders for Crappie Conclusion

To become the best crappie fish angler, you do not necessarily need to invest a lot of money. You can even do without a boat. Although buying the best fish finder for crappie will enhance your experience.

Best Fish Finders for Crappie Final Words

From the products mentioned in this post, I would suggest Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar for crappie fishing. It comes with all the advanced features needed to up your fishing game. It is suitable for all types of fishing methods.

We've also reviewed 7 top quality fish finder under $400. We hope this guide will help you to pick the best one.

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