What are the Best Time of Day to Go Fishing? Beginner’s Guide

best time of day to go fishing

best time of day to go fishing

Doesn’t really matter if you are a fisher by hobby or profession! At the end of the day, no one in this line of work or sport wants to return home empty-handed after a long day.

There are many factors that affect the availability of a fish and the most prominent players being Weather, Light, Temperature, and the Seasons.

In this wordy piece, our focus is to discuss how these factors affect the fishing experience.

This way, you will find it much easier to develop your own idea on the best time of day to go fishing.

So without further time wasting, let’s get our feet wet in the real drill.

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Is Weather Effects on Fishing ?

This is the most significant factor which affects fishing.

Fish has a great sense which allows them to detect the slightest change in pressure above the surface of the water.

Having an idea on different weather conditions will save you a lot of time and effort. Those being:

Warm Weather (Not Hot)

Warm weather is preferred by a lot of fish living in lakes and rivers. As the water temperature rises, the fish start to burn up a lot of calories.

Burning more calories means they will have to eat frequently, and who doesn’t like to eat, right?As the fish are getting hungry so often due to the weather condition, you are sure to get a fish or two to bite on your bait or lure.

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Windy days can be a catalyst for fishing if you are trying to fish near shores. Want to know why?

The reason is the power of the wind that drives the fish near the surface of the water towards the shorelines.On a windy day, using a boat to fish in the middle of the lake is not advisable. This is because the fish won’t be there.

Cloudy Days

Cloudy days are the best for fishing, wanna know why? The answer is; due to the clouds, the sun is not too visible making the brightness of the day low.

If you are familiar with fishing, you are already familiar with the fact that fish will be towards the surface of the water right before the sun rises and sets.Brightness plays a significant role to fish more on that later.

Certain kind of fish tends to relax more on a hot day behind nearby structures such as rock or bolder.

The same type will spread throughout the lake or river if the weather is warm.Using live bait on cloudy weather is advisable if you want to walk out with a big catch when you leave for home.

Rainy Days – Best Time of Day to Go Fishing

First, you will need to determine how determined are you to go fishing as getting your lazy ass out of that couch while having a cup of coffee can be difficult.

Secondly, you need to see if it is drizzling outside or if it is raining heavily. Know that is important because your fishing will depend on the way it’s raining outside.

When it’s drizzling over the area that you are planning to fish in, chances are much higher to catch a load of fish using a fishing net.

This is due to the fact that when the light rain falls on the water surface, it clouds the water and makes it difficult for fish to attain clear visibility.

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What makes light rain fishing more useful is that fish won’t be able to detect surface movements, as the rain is continuously disturbing the surface of the water.

You can quickly hop on a boat and cast a line or a net and they will be able to penetrate the water surface without making the fish panic.

Try avoiding going to fish when it’s raining heavy outside. Since when it’s raining heavily, it makes hard for the fish to move and will scare them making it hard to find.

Stormy Weather

I don’t think anyone is mad enough to go for a fishing adventure while it is stormy outside.

If someone is insane enough to go out on such harsh weather condition, then my friend I am sorry to inform you that you are not going to get any bonus for the risk you are going to take.R

ight before a storm hits, fish trend to dive deep in water to avoid getting thrashed around by a strong gust of wind and water pressure.

Change of Seasons’ to Influence Fish

Different kinds of fish are affected in distinctive ways by the change of seasons. Each season affects fish in different ways which I will be discussing below.

Best Time of Day to Go Fishing in Summer

Summer is one of the best and worst time to fish depending on the time you are planning to go fishing.

During the mid-day when the sun is on top of your head, it is the absolute worst time to fish.This is for the reason that the water close to the surface is too hot and the fish are not comfortable at such temperature.

But if you plan your fishing trip when the sun is about to rise or set, you are sure to catch some big ones.

As a matter of fact, the only way to catch big fish and reel them in is by going fishing during those particular times. This is because the water is at an optimum temperature and ideal for fish to thrive.

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Best Time of Day to Go Fishing in Fall

Table turns on fall with mid noon being the best time to fish and early morning and evening being the worst times.

This is due to the fact that during fall, it tends to be cold during the morning and when the sun sets, and during the afternoon, the sun heats the water surface which the fish enjoys.

Fall overall is not a good time to fish. For the inconsistency of water and weather temperature, fish usually will stay hidden and won’t come towards the surface that often.

Best Time of Day to Go Fishing in Winter

By now you have already understood that cold waters are not preferred by freshwater fish, although ice fishing is entirely a different kind of fishing where only certain types of fish are caught.

Except for those particular kinds of fish when the water temperature is low, it’s hard for any angler to get their hands on a fish.

If you ever plan to go ice fishing, then have a look at this best ice fishing rod.

To Conclude, Best Time of Day to Go Fishing

The answer being when the water temperature is not too hot and not to cold. Temperate waters will attract the most number of fishes.

It isn’t like fishing on cold weather won’t bring you results, it will. But it may not be the fish that you were planning to catch.

We recommend you read our fishing for beginners guide if you are new to fishing.

Before heading, be sure to take all the necessary fishing gear needed for fishing. And don’t forget to share your fishing experience with us!

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