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Easy Ways to Read a Fish Finder

Last Updated on January 4th, 2021Modern fish finders come with floatable sensors that sit on top of the water and monitor the events happening underneath. The position of the angler is not relevant in this case. If you are new to fish finders or have used old-fashioned flashers, you must understand how modern fish finders […]

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Best Fish Finders Under $400

Getting yourself the latest fish finder can up your fishing game in a matter of days. Instead of burning daylight speculating or relying on guesswork, you will be led to the fish or an entire school of fish in no time— with minimal effort from your part. However, a fish finder does not always come cheap. […]

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Best Fish Finders for Crappie

With the right fishing equipment, A crappie fish is the easiest to catch. You don’t need to be an expert fisherman. Knowing a bit about the waterbody, weather, and navigation also helps you get to the school of crappie fish before other anglers do. Crappie fish are social beings. They prefer staying close to other fish […]

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Best Fish Finders for Catfish

Our Pick Humminbird Ice Helix G2The Best Fish Finders for CatfishAmong all the fish finders below, this is the best one overall. The Humminbird ICE Series is made exclusively for ice fishing. The level of detail gone into the making of this product is unprecedented.   Check Price (Amazon) Catfish fishing is a growing trend […]

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