Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Bonafide

Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Bonafide

You don’t have to look far to pick a kayak for your water adventure.

Have you considered using the Feel free lure 11.5 or Bonafide for your paddling? If you have not used either of these kayaks, you may want to know Feel free lure 11.5 vs Bonafide differences.

Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Bonafide
Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Bonafide

The two kayaks can help you paddle with ease. When we tell you that these kayaks are exceptional, we would offer you highlights that can validate this claim.   We created this article to help you love any of these products.  By the time you complete your reading, you can make your choice.

Here we go!

Feel Free Lure 11.5

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Have you seen a Lure 11.5 before? The model offers a bigger version of the Lure 10 and allows you to paddle longer on oceans, lakes, and rivers. It has a better capacity and spacious deck space.

Lure 11.5 has a variety of special features that include a removable multi-level extra wide Gravity Seat, Uni-Track system, and a wheel in the keel. The model has a patent-pending Feelfree Gravity Seat, which provides you with the most spacious seat height.

You can adjust the seat with a simple function. In addition, it is removable and the seat is great for you. The product has a super-stable 91cm wide hull that can be paired with a padded standing platform.

Whether you want to fish standing or sitting, you would love this kayak without fear. The Lure 11.5 is Motordrive, Overdrive, and rudder ready (they are sold separately). As a result, the model can be retrofitted with pedal or electric motor drive systems.

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Bonafide has become a popular kayak brand for people who love great kayak models. Whether you want stability or great performance, you will get it from some of Bonafide’s models.

For instance, the Bonafide SS127 offers you what we called fishability feature.  The model has become a high seated kayak that allows you to relax more and paddle.  Do you seek a great fishing kayak?

You may want to use the SS127 for your water adventure. Bonafide provided us with an amazing sit-on-top kayak for your fishing activities.  It has special accessories and features for your fishing.

Its hull and layout have great designs for your standing. Luther Cifers created this model for people who want exceptional kayak designs.

Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Bonafide: Overview

Size and Weight

Free Lure 11.5 measures 11’6” (350.5 cm) long and 34” (86.4 cm) wide.  The model weighs 87lbs (39.5 kg), and the Lure 11.5 comes as a heavier kayak in its line.

Bonafide 127 measures 12’7” (383.5 cm) in length and 33.75” (85.7 cm) wide. It comes with a deck height of 15.5” (39.3 cm). It weighs 94 lbs (42.6 kg) and is slightly lightweight for its size.


The Lure 11.5 has a maximum capacity of 425 lbs (192.8 kg) and has a storage capacity that can help you last longer. The kayak can accommodate more gear and more fish in the net. However, you don’t need to load the kayak past 80% of its maximum capacity

The Bonafide’s “SS” stands for “Sit-Stand.” In addition, anglers will feel comfortable sitting and standing on this kayak. The SS127 has an overall capacity of 475 lbs (215.4 kg).

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You can use the kayak for a long-distance haul in and help you to bring a ton of stuff. If you are on the larger size, the stability of the SS127 can support you.


FeelFree Lure 11.5 offers you a variety of features and adds fishing rod tip protectors, which keep your rods out of snags and safe from damage. Furthermore, the footpegs offer you a new Twist and Go system.

You can easily adjust your footrests with minimal effort. The model has a wide Gravity Seat, which is adjusted to different heights. The seat offers a comfortable kayaking experience.

The model offers a Hybrid Catamaran Hull design that is geared toward offering you ultimate stability. The model does not sacrifice agility and speed on the water. Its ability to protect the kayak from the water makes it an amazing product.

Bonafide has HiRise seat that makes it exceptional for its users. Many anglers say that this kayak has one of the best overall seating designs.  It comes with stability and a wide base for your kayaking.

The model also offers you a reinforced foot platform and supreme comfort. It has an extra grip if you prefer to kick your shoes off when you are on the water. Lastly, it offers you extra pads on the rear sides in case you want to pivot and have a look behind you without having to reposition your kayak.


The Feel free Lure line of kayaks offers you versatility and stability and versatility and is capable of traversing large and small bodies of water. In addition, the model offers you support in the toughest water conditions.

The Bonafide SS127 stands out when it comes to stability and performance.  The model provides every angler plenty of space. It offers decent tracking and runs faster than most kayaks of a similar structure.

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Lure 11.5 offers you a variety of unique patented comfort features that have made it outstanding. Overall, the model is a slightly improved version of a trusted product. It offers you spaciousness, stability, and maneuverability, and looks darn good when you paddle it.

The Bonafide model comes as one of the most agile kayaks on the market.  Some people complained that it often veers off-course as soon as they stop paddling. However, this does not happen to many anglers.

With the Bonafide model, you can easily point your bow in the direction you wish to travel. Furthermore, you can take off without struggling and straining to reach optimal speed.

Which of these models do we recommend? With the many amazing features of Lure 11.5, it didn’t stop us from picking the Bonafide model. You would love this model because of its unique features and powerful engine. However, many factors are considered before making a decision.

We can leave you to make your choice too. What do you think of the two features? You can tell us the reasons why you made your choice.