Preliminary Agenda

It is conference policy to include only confirmed speakers.  Stay tuned for updates…

Track 1

               April 16th, 2014


7:30 AM



8:30 AM

METS Opening Remarks

Michael Lawson, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Belinda Batten, Oregon State University
Brian Polagye, University of Washington


8:45 AM

The Economics of Marine Energy
Chair: Alison LaBonte, U.S. Department of Energy

Cost Reduction Pathways for Wave Energy
Mirko Previsic, ReVision LLC.

Update on DOE Cost and Performance Reporting Standards for MHK Technologies

Alison LaBonte, U.S. Department of Energy


9:45 AM



10:00 AM

Current Energy: Simulations and Experiments   
Chair: James VanZweiten, Florida Atlantic University

Simulation of Hydrokinetic Turbines in Turbulent Flow using Vortex Particle Method
Danny Sale, University of Washington

Cactus Open Source Code for Hydrokinetic Turbine Design and Analysis: Model Performance Evaluation and Public Dissemination as Open Source Design Tool
Vincent Neary, Sandia National Laboratories

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