Shurhold Dual Action Random Orbital Boat Buffer kit Tested

The Shurhold Dual Action Random Orbital Boat Buffer kit is the complete package you need for boat/vehicle polishing, waxing, or buffing.

This tool has numerous high-quality features that make it stand out. It incorporates random orbital action, high performance, variable speed settings, and more.

To top it all, this outstanding buffer comes at a fairly low price. 

Read on to know how good or bad the device is!

About Shurhold Dual Action Random Orbital Boat Buffer

The Shurhold Dual Action Buffer makes boat polishing quick and easy to execute.

It is extremely user-friendly and perfect for beginners. You can also execute buffing and waxing with this tool.

This boat polisher is regarded as one of the best in the industry and has even been awarded by MAATS in 2009 to honor its effectiveness.

The kit provides you with all the items you need for boat surface maintenance. Not only will the Shurhold 3101 save you money but also provide a glossy professional finish. 


  • Provides 6 different speeds
  •  Has a long power cord for convenience
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  •  Lightweight
  • Consists of sun protection gear
  • Component to protect against saltwater included


  • The power switch gets switched off easily while using
  • The switch is positioned at an odd location

Features and Benefits 

1. Fast Performance

Shurhold 3101 takes half the time than other polishers to complete the work. It has a powerful motor that delivers exemplary performance

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2. Changeable Pads

The polisher comes with easily changeable pads that have Velcro hooks and are backed by hooks. This makes changing pads a quicker and convenient process.


The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a safety feature installed in the tool.

If the circuit of the device gets shorted or some water spillage occurs, then the GFCI feature will cut off the power supply.

4. Oscillating Head

Shurhold Dual Action Random Orbital Boat Buffer features a 6-inch oscillating head that provides great performance without any risk of swirls or burns.

This is in contrast to traditional buffers that have a large wheel that at high speeds can cause burns and swirls.

5. Long Power Cord

20 feet long power cord allows you to use the buffer from an adequate distance. Hence, there is no need for an extension cord.

6. Variable Speed Setting

This buffer supports 6 different speeds (2500o rpm to 6500o rpm) for various types of tasks.

So, based on the material you are polishing and the part you are using it on, you can alter the speed. Certain locations of the car, like headlights and taillights, need lower speed while some are cleaned faster with a higher speed.

7. Lightweight

It weighs just 4.8 lbs which makes it fairly easy to lift while using.

You will need to hold up your buffer while cleaning certain locations of the boat or vehicle. If the buffer is heavy, then your arms would get tired soon enough.

8. Comfortable grip

The device has a soft-touch build which gives a convenient grip while working. The body has an ergonomic construction which further enables you to hold it for extended use without getting fatigued.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Buffer Polisher

Boat buffer is an intricate tool and you need to buy it cautiously. There are several features to look out for otherwise, you might regret the deal.

The wrong polisher can ruin your boat surface. So, here are some of the factors you need to consider while looking for the perfect boat buffer:

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1. Random Orbit Action

Not all boat buffers employ this technology, but gladly Shurhold Dual Action Buffer does.

Random orbit action refers to the rotatory head that can adjust its angle as per the surface it is polishing.

This way you can polish both even and uneven surfaces in addition to tight corners and edges.

2. Durability

You wouldn’t want your boat buffer to break down after just a few sessions of usage.

So, look for sturdy buffers that will last a long amount of time. You should also check out the warranty provided.

3. Variable Speed

Buffing a boat requires speed switching for certain surface locations. At times, you would need the polisher to work at a slow speed.

While in other cases, you would want a faster speed to finish the job quickly. So, an adjustable speed setting is important to be included in a boat buffer.

4. Comfortable Grip

Polishing or buffing could consume a fairly high amount of time. Also, you need to hold the buffer while doing the job.

A heavy buffer with an uncomfortable handle will make your arms exhausted sooner than you realize. So, lookout for a tool that is lightweight and has an ergonomic body.

5. Price

Make sure you check that the buffer in question is worth its price. Nobody wants to spend more money on a less efficient tool.

To make the most of your money, check out the features of the tool and compare them with similar models to find the best deal.

6. Other Accessories

If you buy an entire boat buffer kit like the Shurhold Dual Action Boat Buffer Kit, then you will be doing yourself a favor.

Buffer kits usually include everything you need for polishing a boat like pads, microfiber towel, wax, etc.

Alternate Products

Dewalt DWP849X 7-inch Variable Polisher

This buffer/polisher is the finest you will find in the market. An extremely powerful motor with a capacity of 12 amp, Dewalt DWP849X works wonders on your vehicle.

It has a speed dial as well to control the variable speed. Moreover, it comes with two handles and a comfortable gripping surface for better control.

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This is the tool you need for high-end polishing work. The only thing bad about it is that it tends to get overheated.

Makita 923CX3 Variable Polisher

The Makita 7 inch polisher comes with a handle and rubber housing for extra convenience.

You can use it safely on all kinds of surfaces, even the delicate ones. An intriguing point about this polisher is that it has a wire mesh to stop wool or other stuff from getting inside the motor.

It also has a cord guard that ensures longevity. Besides delivering consistent and powerful performance, it has several protective features to ensure all-round safety.

Final Verdict

The Shurhold Dual Action Random Orbital Boat Buffer kit will make you fall in love with it.

It is a collection of all the boat polishing accessories you require. A buffer, foam pads, extra wax, and microfiber towel too.

Besides being beginner-friendly, it is lightweight and can be controlled easily. This polisher employs random orbital action that allows better cleaning and finishes.

Moreover, it has six different speeds to choose from that customizes your experience. 

Its pads have loop and hook backings that enable quicker pad changes. Also, the oscillating head that is 6 inches in size delivers seamless polishing without any burns.

This is probably the best boat buffer/polisher you could get in the market, especially for beginners.

It has only one drawback though. The power switch can be switched off easily and this is something perfectionists would not like.

Every time you happen to have your hand close to the power switch, it turns the device off.

And this can happen a lot while working in tighter spaces. Moreover, the location of the switch is rather odd which makes it even worse.

Otherwise, the Shurhold Dual Boat buffer is a satisfactory tool.

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