DEWALT DWP849X Boat Buffer Polisher Tested

If you don’t want to put in too much elbow grease into polishing your boat or car, then DEWALT DWP849X boat Buffer is exactly what you need for a powerful performance.

This is a soft boat polisher that can deliver a speed of up to 35000rpm at 600V and that makes it an industry favorite.

A layman could find it difficult to figure out if the polisher lives up to its advertised promise. And that is what this test will help you with!


DEWALT Buffer Polisher, 7”-9”, 12 amp, Variable Speed Dial 0-3,500 RPM’s, Corded (DWP849X)
DEWALT polishers have a reputation for their durability and the DWP849X boat Buffer is no exception.

This is a reliable soft start buffer with unmatched power capabilities. Besides longevity and hig

The DEWALT polishers have a reputation for their durability and the DWP849X boat Buffer is no exception.

This is a reliable soft start buffer with unmatched power capabilities. Besides longevity and high performance, it also allows you comfortable usage for long periods.

Moreover, several latest and rare features like lock button, dual handles, etc. make it an exemplary product in the market.


  • Powerful motor of 12-amp provides high performance
  •  Ergonomic design allows better control at high speeds
  •  Durable construction
  • Two types of handles allow you to hold the buffer both by the front and the tail
  • Variable speed in a wide range of 0 to 3500rpm
  • Wool ingestion shields to prevent the pad’s wool from entering the motor.
  •  Polishing pads can be switched easily.


  • Generates a lot of heat upon extended use.
  •  Motor emits a burning smell when used at a high speed.
  •   Switch isn’t long-lasting

Features and Benefits

  • Dewalt DWP849X boat buffer incorporated precisely cut gears of steel and ball bearings. It is also heat-treated which indicates that the polisher is highly durable.
  • Like other DEWALT polishers, this model too doesn’t compromise on power. It is more powerful (with a 12-amp motor) than the previous models that had 8-amp motors.
  • This heavy-duty buffer can be set at various speeds and the best part is that it has a lock-on switch. This feature makes sure that the unit can’t operate even when plugged in until the lock is triggered.
  •  The variable speed setting allows you to operate it at a wide range of speeds from 0 to 3500rpm. It is easy to control with the help of an onboard thumb dial.
  • The motor of DWP849X can handle small to medium-sized vehicles easily.
  • The soft-start makes it easier to start the motor without any hassle.
  • The body is ergonomically designed which makes it easier to hold the buffer and offers good grip and control at high speeds. Otherwise, the weight of the polisher would fatigue your limbs quickly.
  • The design also incorporates two-hands: One is to provide lower support and the other one provides upper support.
  • Moreover, this buffer comes with two variations of handles: a T handle and a D handle. The latter allows you to lift the buffer from the top. It can also pivot into various orientations.
  • The buffer is quite heavy at 6.7 pounds but the large D-handle allows you a comfortable grip to manage the weight while working.
  • Lastly, the buffer has a 180mm Velcro pad that can tackle all types of surface and vehicle sizes. The hook and backing plate on the pad make it possible to change accessories without the need for tools.

Things to Consider While Buying a Buffer Polisher

1. Speed

Polishing often needs you to move at a slow pace in some areas and fast at others. To make this possible, your buffer should have variable speed settings.

Don’t worry, because the DEWALT buffer allows you to make use of a wide range of speeds from 0 to 3500rpm.

2. Weight

You would be required to lift the polisher while working, so the buffer must be light enough for you to lift it. Else, your muscles will get fatigued quickly. DWP849X weighs 6.7 pounds, so it is not too heavy and rather lightweight to lift.

3. Vibration

Some buffers can start vibrating at high speeds. This could take a toll on your control over the work. Not with DEWALT though! DEWALT DWP849X boat Buffer has an ergonomic design and two strong handles that allow you to manage the buffer’s weight properly. You wouldn’t have to face problems even at high speeds due to the comfortable grip.

4. Durability

When you buy a device or a tool, you would want it to be durable and long-lasting. If your buffer is constructed with high-quality materials, then they wouldn’t call for regular replacements. This in turn makes the tool durable.

The DEWALT DWP849X boat buffer is made with premium quality steel gears and ball bearings which make it very durable.

5. Comfortable Grip

The grip is extremely important when it comes to choosing a buffer polisher. Since this tool rotates at an extremely high speed, so an uncomfortable grip will make your arms get sore easily.

A lighter model is preferred due to the same reason. Additionally, the position of the grip needs to be correct as well.

The DWP849X model provides a good grip with its two handles. The traditional T handle allows you to place your hand on the main body.

The D handle allows you to hold the buffer from the top with another hand. This makes the 6.7 pounds buffer lighter than it already is.

Alternate Products to Consider

1. Porter Cable 6 Inch Variable Speed Polisher

The 7424XP by Porter-Cable is good competition indeed. Weighing only 5 pounds, it is fairly lightweight and small in size.

However, it doesn’t compromise on power despite being so light. This model too has an ergonomic design that provides optimum grip.

It makes use of the random orbit motor technology coupled with a 4.5 amp motor. This allows you to use it on both even and uneven surfaces. Lastly, it can deliver pretty high speeds too.

2. Black & Decker 6 Inch Random Orbit Waxer

The Black & Decker WP900 is the all-in-one tool you need for your boat. It can wax, buff, and also polish your boat surface.

Employed with a foam applicator, bonnet, and a buffer, of course, this is the ultimate 3-in-1 tool you could think of.

This appliance makes use of random orbit action for ease of polishing all types of surfaces. Moreover, it has 2 handles to impart lesser strain to your arms. However, the buffer cannot employ variable speeds.

My Conclusion

DEWALT DWP849X boat Buffer is good at cleaning dirt and stubborn grime from a car’s surface. It is also capable of clearing light scratches.

The variable speed setting makes heavier polishing tasks a cakewalk. It can work for a considerable time to clean small and medium-sized boats or vehicles.

But, larger vehicles like trucks can take a long time and that’s where the problems arrive. The motor gets heated up while polishing large surfaces like those of SUVs and trucks.

The wheel, also, generates so much heat that you will be able to pick up a burning smell.

Its performance is pretty well with small to medium-sized vehicles though. It can also handle the head and taillights of the vehicle.

It is good enough for occasional car polishing but might cause problems when used often. Hence, it is not meant for rigorous regular usage.

As far as design is concerned, the ergonomic body allows you a comfortable grip for better control and performance.

Moreover, the two handles: T and D allow you to manage the weight of the buffer just right although 6.7 pounds is not that heavy.

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