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Top 13 Best Marine Stereo System Reviews For 2020 (Updated)

Product ImageNameOur RatingPriceEditor’s ChoiceBOSS Audio MCKGB350W.6 Receiver & Speaker5 out of 5 Check Price Editor’s ChoicePyle Marine PLMRB29W Bluetooth Stereo Radio5 out of 5 Check Price Editor’s Choice For RadioUniden MHS75 Handheld Submersible 2-Way 5W VHF Marine Radio4.5 out of 5 Check Price Kenwood KMR-D372BT Outdoor Stereo Receiver with Antenna4.5 out of 5 Check Price Pyle […]

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How to Remove Barnacles from Boat – An Effective Way

If you own a boat, you probably know the problems associated with barnacles attaching themselves to the hull. Apart from the fact that these little creatures are quite unsightly, they might cause drag for your vessel, reducing its speed and raising fuel costs. Besides, barnacles can affect the volume of water reaching the engine and the […]

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How Fast Can a Sailboat Go? Let’s Find Out it

Hello and welcome to [], the place where true sailors go to learn and find inspiration. In this post, we will go through a question that has baffled many sailors for a long time – how fast can a sailboat sail? Well, keep reading to discover the answer from a well-calculated angle.How sailboat speed is […]

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Car Battery vs Marine Battery: Know Difference Between Them

The terms ‘Marine’ and ‘Car’ doesn’t give enough information about the batteries more than one is to be used for boats and the other for cars. But the differences are more complicated. It’s necessary to know how rechargeable acid batteries are made to get a better idea of the differences between car batteries and marine […]

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Difference Between Freshwater And Marine Water

You might be inclined to guess about the differences between freshwater and marine water is only about there is salt in one and not in the other. Although it is naturally sensible to think so, it’s not really the case. In marine or sea water, the salinity level, or the concentration of salt is greater, […]

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How Does a Boat Speedometer Work? Know With Video

Boat speedometers are one of the most important instruments in your dashboard panel. Just like a car, you can keep track of your speed on waterways. It is also a useful indicator that can allow you to predict the duration of your journey.   Most modern boats make use of a pitot tube to measure speed. […]

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