Know About The Types of Life Jacket for Fishing- A Guide for Beginners

Types of Life Jacket

Fishing, who doesn’t like this form of activity to kill their leisure time and bond with family or friends while they are at it?

I am not talking about any professional fisherman here who fishes for a living; I am talking about those who take fishing as a form or activity rather than a source of income.

Being amateur in this line of activity can have outcomes which will sadden you for the rest of your lives.

Why is Life Jacket A Must?

Fishing usually involves getting on a small boat and sailing in the water at dawn to catch bigger & better fish.

And when you are on the water, anything can go wrong at any given time especially when you have limited sight.

A fish can easily pull a person down from a boat if its big enough or if the person is not skilled in reeling a fish.

Life Jackets are one of the most important tools which you have to purchase before you head out to your fishing adventures.

Types of Life Jacket For Fishing: Which One Right For You?

Now the question comes which one should you get? There are all kinds of life jackets out there.

I am here to answer just that. In this very article, I will be stating all the types of life jackets out there, what are their functions, what is their buoyancy range and some extra information about them.

Disclaimer: Life jackets come in all types of shapes and sizes.

There are countless names of brands which have popped up over the years making their types. Which is why to keep track of all the available life jackets, I will list them simply by numbers.

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Boatus Make a video about various types of jacket that save your life in water. watch the video and know more details about it.

Type 1 – Types of Life Jacket for Fishing

This life jacket can keep its user afloat really well and under harsh conditions easily. The makers of this kind had a few intended use in mind. They are:

The minimum buoyancy for adults for this type of lifejacket is 9.98kg for adults and 4.99kg for children.

Type 1 life jackets are very popular among people associated with fishing. I will drop a few additional information regarding the type one jackets. They are:

  • Best to use in areas where there is open water
  • Good for use in rough waters
  • If worn face-up on water, it will turn you unconscious
  • Offers you the best form of protection
  • Is heavy and uncomfortable to wear
  • Does a great job at retaining body heat
  • Your head will be high above the water
Type 2

These types of life jackets anticipated usage by its manufactures are when:

The buoyancy for this particular life jacket is 6.80 kg for adults. No buoyancy reading is provided for children.

Type 2 life jackets have yet to see popularity among the general population in recent times. Here are a few additional information about life jackets:

  • Well protected
  • Best use would be near a shore
  • Is not suitable for survival in rough waters
  • If worn face up, it will turn you unconcise
  • Comfortable to wear compared to Type 1
  • Provides less buoyancy than a Type 1
Type 2 (Inflatable – Types of Life Jacket for Fishing) 

The inflatable version of Type 2 is made by manufactures keeping some premeditated usage in mind. These proposed uses are:

  • Nearshore use
  • Good for use in swamps
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This inflatable version of Type 2 provides much more buoyancy than its non-inflated counterpart. The buoyancy reading being 15.4kg for adults, the reading for children, however, is unknown.

Type 2 inflatable versions are more popular among the general public than its non-inflatable version. Here is a few additional information about Type 2 inflatable ones:

  • Won’t turn you unconscious if worn face-up, although its advised not to do so
  • Comfortable to wear
  • More buoyant than Type 2 inherently Buoyant jackets
  • The prices for this kind are high
  • Can be found in versions which are automatic and manual
  • This version is not made for children under 16
Type 3 (Types of Life Jacket for Fishing)

This particular kind of life jackets is best for use during supervised activities. They are also suitable for use while sailing and riding on a dingy to catch fish.

Buoyancy however for this inherently buoyant lifejacket is not so good. The buoyance reading for this kind is 7.03kg for adults. Children buoyance reading are not given.

Type 3 non-inflatable lifejackets just like type two non-inflatable ones are yet to be popular among people. Here is a few additional information:

  • Good for use nearshore
  • Will protect you for a while
  • Not made for extended use
  • Unsuitable for rough waters
  • Won’t turn you unconscious if worn face-up
  • Comfortable to wear compared to Type 1 and Type 2
  • Provides less Buoyance than Type 1
Type 3 (Inflatable) 

Manufactures of this specific kind specially crafted it for three obvious situations. One is Inshore, the next is Nearshore, and finally; during supervised activities.

The buoyancy reading for the type is 10.2kg for adults, and the buoyancy reading for children are not mentioned.

Here is a few additional information that you should know about type 3 inflatable life jackets before buying:

  • Can turn you unconscious if worn face-up
  • Comfortable to wear compared to Type 3 non-inflatable ones
  • Doesn’t come in an automated mechanism
  • Not meant for the use by children under 16 years of age
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Type 4 – Types of Life Jacket for Fishing

Type 4 throwable life jackets are designed for victims thrown overboard of a ship or a boat.

This particular type cannot be called a life jacket as it cannot be worn but yet I am mentioning it here because it’s a valuable tool which can save lives.

The buoyancy reading for this throwable tool varies from 7.48 kg to 8.14 kg which is for adults.

As I have familiarized you with the device, let me give you some additional information about it:

  • Can be square shaped
  • Also comes Ring shaped
  • It may be horseshoe-shaped too
  • Cannot turn a person Unconscious
  • Not designed for non-swimmers
  • Not intended for children
  • Type 4 should be available immediately, keeping it in a locker or under the seat is not advisable
  • Tie it to the side for the boat for best results

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Types of Life Jacket for Fishing Final Thoughts

Life jackets’ main job is to protect a person from sinking into the water. Even though you are a good swimmer, it’s suggested you wear a life jacket while fishing.

There have been cases over the years where expert swimmers have failed to keep themselves afloat after their boat sank.

Fishing is a fascinating form of activity loved by us all, but we should never underestimate mother nature and the place where we are fishing.

As the table can turn at any given times!

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