Super Glue Vs Hot Glue

Super Glue Vs Hot Glue Complete Guide

Guide to super glue vs hot glue

Over the years, the debate over super glue vs hot glue has been on. The winner of this argument is the users.

Many of us make use of either glue for our projects or repairs. If you want to know the right glue to use, you should compare super glue vs hot glue.

Super Glue Vs Hot Glue

The type of glue you would use depends on the task you want to undertake.  The super glue vs hot glue has been made easier in this article.

The super glue vs hot glue is two great products that you can use for any of your projects.  To choose the right glue, you should continue reading.

Super glue vs hot glue comparison chart

Hot glue is used for arts and crafts

Hot glue works on porous and nonporous materials

The bond strength is not very strong

Hot glue is somewhat flexible when dry

Hot glue is suitable for gap filling

Hot glue is  easy to clean up

The product is ideal for outdoor use

Super glue can be used for repairs,  arts and crafts, small projects, and more

Super glue works best with porous materials

The bond strength is very strong

Super glue is inflexible and somewhat brittle

Super glue is not ideal for gap filling

The cleanup of super glue is not easy

You can use in both used indoors and outdoors


Characteristics and Examples of Adhesives by Form

, “A” indicates advantageous characteristics and “D” indicates disadvantageous characteristics

Form Characteristics Example(s)
  • Most common form
  • Solventless (A)
  • Available in single-part or multi-part solutions
  • Free flowing, low viscosity (A or D, depending)
  • Tendency to flow, spread, and sag during curing period (D)
  • Easy application via spreaders, sprays, or brushes (A)
  • Requires curing period (D)
  • Can be applied in thin layers (A)
  • Suitable for all attachment applications
  • Available in thermoplastic/thermoset formulas
  • Available in several shapes/forms: sheets, rings, sticks, etc.
  • Does not require metering/mixing (A)
  • Requires heat activation for application (D)
  • Requires pressure during solidification (D)
  • Hot melt adhesives


What to know on super glue vs hot glue

If you want to differentiate these two types of glue, you should learn more about them individually.

Hot Glue

When it comes to comparing super glue vs hot glue, we would start with hot glue.  The benefit of using this type of glue is many.

When compared to other glue products, hot glue dries fast. It allows users to work on their projects fast, without waiting for them to dry.

The time efficiency of the glue is the reason many people use it. The glue comes with a high viscosity.

People who want to bond rough surfaces or fill gaps can use hot glue. It comes with a long shelf life .

You do not have to worry about the glue drying out by itself when you use hot glue. You can have the glue for years if you store it at room temperature and away from sunlight.

Additional Features

  • The glue offers no loss of thickness when it cures.
  • Hot glue is affordable.
  • The glue can work excellently with color additives.
  • People can use colored glue sticks because the sticks can match the color of the glue to the object.
  • You do not experience waste when you use it.
  • The glue does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Disposing hot glue is easier.


People who want to handle their arts and crafts common make use of hot glue product called the hot melt adhesive.

A simple characteristic of hot glue is that it requires heat to melt sticks of glue. This solidifies in some seconds after dispensing.

Hot glue is a form of a solid cylindrical stick that moves through a heating mechanism found inside a glue gun.

The glue turns to be liquid when heated and can be dispensed. When the hot glue begins to cool down, you experience it drying.

One of the differences between super glue vs hot glue is this mechanism. Super glue does require this long process.

Super Glue Vs Hot Glue

Hot glue is created from ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).  This glue is very viscous and can easily bond on rough or uneven surfaces.

The glue is suitable for your porous and non-porous surfaces, including filling gaps.


Super Glue

Super glue is a clear substance that leaves little or no trace on the projects or materials. While it offers numerous benefits, it still has cons like every other glue.

Many people do not know much about the difference between super glue vs hot glue. The reason is simply that super glue is commonly used.

Super glue dries fast and does not come off when it dries. You should place your repairs in correct alignment before applying super glue.

Additional Features

  • The glue is non-flammable.
  • It offers a rapid cure.
  • Super glue offers special bonding characteristics.
  • You can easily use this glue and automate.
  • The product is ideal for high temperature applications.
  • Super glue offers reduce costs and more efficiencies in the manufacturing process.

The colloquial term called super glue is simply called cyanoacrylate glue.  We have numerous companies that produce this glue.

It bonds and cures very fast and requires minimal to no clamping time. Super glue provides a powerful and permanent bond that is water-resistant and waterproof.

The glue is versatile when it comes to bonding to materials. However, the glue does not form well with very non-porous materials like plastic.

What this means is that you may not use super glue on plastic. It has does not withstand impact well.

While super glue may not form a powerful bond or offer powerful impact resistant, it still works well.

You can easily work with glue because it comes in bottles and easy to dispense. It does not make a mess when you apply.

Comparing super glue vs hot glue

We have talked more about super glue vs hot glue. We would compare these glue products to help you make your decision.

We would compare super glue vs hot glue on different factors like the bonding materials, applications, the strength of the bond, and ease of cleaning.

In terms of hardware, we would consider how strong the bonding of each glue can stand over time.

Hot glue is commonly used for small projects and arts and crafts such as cardboard to glue construction paper.

Hot glue is very versatile and has the ability to bond to any material. What this means is that you can easily get hold of this glue.

The versatility of hot glue is what makes it outstanding in its performance. If you compare super glue vs hot glue, super glue is not the strongest.

Super glue comes with a unique characteristic. You can use it for your arts and crafts. However, the glue is not flexible when it dries.

Using super glue may not be a perfect choice for some projects. Super glues have the ability to bond to almost all materials.

It has difficulty in bonding to plastic. You can use it for your arts and crafts, however, for different small projects’ repairs.

Take, for instance, you can repair the handle of a coffee pot with super glue.  Every project has the unique glue that must suit it.

If you use the wrong glue for a project, it might not give you the ideal result.


Super glue vs hot glue can bond to almost all materials. However, hot glue is more versatile than super glue.

Hot glue can bond to both porous and non-porous materials With hot glue, you can bond to most materials that super glue cannot bond together.

Super glue, on the other hand, although it is also very versatile, it does absence problems, bonding, non-porous plastics together.

Super glue can work perfectly on porous surfaces like paper, some plastics, fabrics, cardboards, rubber, metals, and other materials.

However, super glue can bond with difficulties if the materials are extremely smooth and flat. The glue needs something to bond to materials.


We compare super glue vs hot glue in terms of strength and found amazing difference.  We know that hot glue is convenient and versatile for projects like arts and crafts.

We put into consideration that hot glue may not bond strongly to some materials. It has a limited bonding strength and is mostly used for arts and crafts.

If you want something stronger, you may not consider hot glue. While it is powerful to hold up a bit of weight, it has its downsides.

Hot glue is not very strong in terms of overall weight abilities.  The glue loses its strength in a certain weight.

What this means is that the glue may not hold a heavyweight for a while. You should know that hot glue is not 100% waterproof, but water-resistant.

Super glue is stronger than hot glue.   It offers super strength when it bonds to materials.  It dries very fast and does not leave a mess on application.

It bonds powerfully and may not break apart.  It holds a lot of weight and can be used for repairs.

When it cures, the repair stays for a long time. It is 100% waterproof for both indoor and outdoor applications.

However, it is does not withstand impact-resistant well. Super glue does not handle vibrations and motions well too.

Super glue is not very flexible. This may be a challenge for some application.



What happens when you use super glue vs hot glue on the application? Do you want a neat after job?

These two glues can make a mess after use. Super glue can stick to the body fast and cause injury.

The glue dries fast and is resistant to most solvents.  Washing off super glue may not be easy.

You should be careful that when using super glue for your application. It might take a while before you can wash it off.

Hot glue is easier for you to handle after use. It does not take time to clean up.  The bond established by hot glue is not strong.

However, hot glue could be painful on the skin if you want to pull it off.  It dries fast and may cause injury like super glue.

Comparing super glue vs hot glue, the latter is easier to pull out of the skin and clean up.  Super glue does not offer much flexibility when it dries.

Super Glue Vs Hot Glue

Health Warnings

You should put it at the back of your mind that hot glue is hot when it is exposed to the skin.

It can burn and hurt you when a fresh glob of the glue gets on your hands. When you heat your hot glue, inhaling the fumes could be dangerous to the body.

However, hot glue is not toxic, but can cause headaches if inhaled. When hot glue dries up, it becomes functionally non-toxic to the body.

You do not have to worry if you mistakenly tasted it when dried. Super glue is not as safe as hot glue.

The main component of super glue is cyanoacrylate and is toxic if you ingest it. It could cause adverse health effects too.

Super glue dries very fast and when heated up, it can be painful on the skin. You should avoid getting it on your skin.

Differences of super glue vs hot glue

Do you know the differences between super glue vs hot glue? Before you buy any of these glues, you should know this :

  • Hot glue needs the help of hot glue gun for its application, while super glue is directly used on applications.
  • Super glue takes a few seconds to cure while hot glue takes some minutes to cure. The two cure very fast.
  • Hot glue is great for porous and non-porous materials, but super glue is suitable for porous materials only.
  • Super glue forms a stronger bond than hot glue.
  • Super glue offers more impact resistant than hot glue.
  • Super glue is 100% waterproof, while hot glue is not.

FAQS: super glue vs hot glue

Which is stronger super glue or hot glue?

Super glue is stronger than hot glue.  However, hot glue offers better support where there is no maximum bond strength.

Is Super Glue the strongest glue?

Loctite Super Glue is argued to be the strongest glue in the world. The product offers  powerful, fast and reliable bonding solutions

What glue is the strongest glue?


What’s the difference between epoxy glue and super glue?

Epoxy glue is a chemical compound called polyepoxide. To use it, you have to mix its epoxy resins and hardeners in fixed ratios. Epoxy glue is much stronger.

If you want glue that is powerful when it bonds, you should consider using epoxy glue. We have different epoxy products on the market.

Types of Super Glue and Hot Glue Products

If you are considering any of the glue products for your projects or arts and crafts, we have listed some of the top products on the market.

These products were picked from the best online. Each has features that would help you make your choice. While the choice is on you, do not forget to read more about each product.

Gorilla Mini Glue Gun

Gorilla Mini Glue Gun is one of the best on the internet. It heats up to high and low temperatures.

The product offers an ergonomic trigger that makes it easy to squeeze. Its precision tip reduces sticking of large amounts of melted glue on the hot tip when dried.

You can use it for your  indoor and outdoor projects because of its water-resistant glue stick.

People who want excellent bonding with glue can make use of this product.


It has a quick heating glue gun

The glue has a thick and durable stand

Its glue sticks are water-resistant

The glue makes use of both low and high temperatures

It has no safety fuse auto-off switch.

It offers no on/off switch

WORKPRO Mini Glue Gun

A lithium-ion battery powers the product. This makes it a cordless glue gun. The glue gun heats up in two minutes and operates for about 35 minutes on a single charge.

It has auto-off feature

The product is cordless

It comes with an ergonomic handle

The battery life is not great.

Super Glue Vs Hot Glue

Gluerious Hot Glue Gun

This Gluerious is for heavy-duty projects. It  has an on/off switch, anti-hot cover, and a stand-up base with a detachable stand.

The silicone nozzle stops burns and is heat resistant. The glue is designed for projects that require precise applications


The glue has a silicone nozzle for reduction of burns

It has a rubber protector cover

The product is designed with a ceramic heating system

It comes with a long cord

The glue is hot enough for heavy-duty projects

It has no auto-off

The product could be heavier

AdTech Hot Glue Gun

The glue is designed as a high-temperature glue gun for heavy-duty projects. AdTechmodel comes with a stand to rest the glue gun upright while not in use.


AdTech Hot Glue Gun comes with a five-foot cord

The product does not drip

It can heat up quickly

It has 10 glue sticks

The product makes use of a lot of glue

It can be very hot when using

AdTech Mini Glue Gun

The low temp AdTech glue gun is ideal for kids. It comes as a six-watt glue gun for small crafting projects.

This glue gun can glue balloons without popping them..


It comes with 10 hot melt glue gun sticks

Children can safely use the product

It is Ideal for small projects

It does not have an auto-off feature


Top Super Glues Products


Gorilla Super Glue Gel

The glue offers increased impact resistance and convenient non-running gel formula.

It offers a super-strong bond with a set time of just 10-30 and is considered the best super glue for plastic.


The product is best for plastic

It can set in as little as ten seconds

The glue comes with an anti-leak cap that keeps it from drying out in the bottle

The glue is not waterproof

The product can damage cotton and some foam rubber materials

The product is a modified cyanoacrylate adhesive that offers dissolved rubber particles for improved impact resistance.

It comes with formulated high-viscosity gel.

The Original Super Glue

The product is an original formula super glue that can bond instantly to non-porous surfaces.

It is great for plastic, ceramics, and rubber. This glue comes packaged in 12 individual small tubes.


It comes with a precision applicator

The product is suitable for the application of acrylic fingernails

It comes in a large multi-pack of 12 units

It offers less shear strength than the Gorilla super glue

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

This product is one of the most durable super glue formulas. The rubber-toughened super glue gel forms a tight, impact, and vibration-resistant bond.


The glue offers a flexible and impact-resistant bond

The product is water-resistant.

This glue can work for porous surfaces

This product is difficult to achieve a durable bond on glass

The product can max out at multipacks of 6

Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue

The Glue Masters Professional Grade Super Glue is a highly refined industrial grade cyanoacrylate formula.

It comes in a convenient bottle with a jam-resistant nozzle.


The glue comes with a jam-resistant precision nozzle for consistent application

It offers strong adhesion on smooth surfaces

The glue can bond to leather and fabric, too

This product offers less impact-resistant than the Gorilla super glue

It cannot fill space well

BAZIC 3g Super Glue

BAZIC 3g Super Glue is a liquid super glue that can preserve a very stronghold. The glue can set almost instantly.

It offers a strong, permanent bond on most non-porous surfaces. The glue works well for  hard plastic, metal, glass, and ceramics


It can dry very fast

The glue offers 6 individually packaged single-use tubes

It offers strong bonds on metal and glass

Its applicators is not as precise or jam-resistant as some other products

The product does not fill cracks well

This glue can react strongly to cotton and even damage clothing


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