Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete Tool Kit review

Read the Review of Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete Tool Kit

Last Updated on January 4th, 2021

Be it the air conditioning systems, or the refrigeration sets, the HVAC gauges are a must-have DIY tool. They are your personal backyard mechanical surveillance equipment.

It helps you become in charge of your personal devices and cooling equipment at home. To be able to use these devices, one should be aware of the uses. They should know about the right products that are available in the market.

This review would help you learn more about such tools. It would assist you to decide the best amongst all.

So, let’s get started!

About – Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Tool Kit

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Today we will learn about the Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete tool kit. It is a tool kit that is an amalgamation of tools. Like a Manifold set of gauges, a vacuum pump, different colored hoses. For better handling of the set, some extra goodies come with the package.  This is the ultimate toolset.

It is capable of meeting all the prerequisites to detect leakages at home. An aluminum body gives it strength and everlasting quality.


  • The hoses come in various colors to help you identify and distinguish each one from that of another.
  • The pump produces an equal to zero noise when in use.
  • The vacuum pump provides a non-slip bolstered handle for a comfortable experience.
  • A free of cost pump oil is also complemented within the toolset.
  • It functions at its best when used for auto AC.
  • The oil drain valve has an innovative design.
  • It is a lightweight product and is a long-lasting,  sturdy product.


  • The instruction manual is not candid.
  • It is not comprehensive enough to understand the working.


A gauge should be durable as a feeble or poor quality gauge would not solve the purpose. So before you buy one keep this point in mind.

Kozyvacu brings this effective, useful, affordable, and stout set for regular use.

The gauge set is compatible. It is useful for R-22 gas which is an aging refrigerant system and R-410a as well which is a new age refrigerant model.

A gauge becomes futile if it is incapable of providing correctness in its readings. This set is the right one for you as its readings are well recorded and display precision.


OrionMotor Tech 4 Way AC Diagnostic Manifold Gauge

It is one of the famous companies. It provides an outstanding gauge system to its customers. It supplies an ACME adaptor with the package as well as a valve core wrench. It is a concoction of brass, aluminum, and plastic body. It is simple to use. It provides for a quick and uncomplicated recording standing.

DRAWBACK – It doesn’t work well with R – 4110a systems. Plus it is susceptible to leakages.

Mofeez pro ac a/c diagnostic manifold freon gauge set

It is applicable for R134a, R12, R22. Aluminum helps the product handle high pressure and hot temperature. The parameters explained in the manual are simple to decipher and follow for the users. The manual has parts and diagrams to explain the whole work, step by step. It is affordable and comes with a carrying case.

The Drawback –  There is no purge valve.

XtremepowerUS Premium 4CFM Air Vacuum Pump HVAC

It is an out-and-out set. As an add-on, it is silicon. It provides color-coded hoses, durable, and equipped with easy plugging systems. The disconnection is swift and trouble-free. The brass structure would last for years. Sight glass to keep a check over its proper functioning.

DRAWBACK – Hoses often need replacements. And it is not a good choice for novice handlers.


The Kozyvacu AUTO AC Repair Complete tool kit is the righteous choice.

It is best for detecting leakages and available in the market as one of the best repairing tools. It is a low- noise equipment that records perfect readings.

It is very portable not only because it comes with a cute bag but also because it is light in weight.

One has to get the couplers replacement once in a while for better functioning.

The product is viable and pretty useful.  A cheap and affordable set is not at all cumbersome to start. Kozyvacu provides for maintenance free use at such a handsome price.

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