Learn How Does The Snorkeling Work?

Snorkeling has always been an incredible and relaxing way to know a little bit more about the life under the ocean’s surface.

It is commonly practised during the vacations as a hobby and also practised by many people as a professional sport.

It basically consists in using a plastic mask and a short tube; this equipment is useful for breathing underwater without going up to the surface to take some air, enjoying in that way the view under the ocean’s surface.

This recreational activity has many advantages; one of them is that the equipment they need is not that expensive and bigger than the scuba divers use.

It has a diving mask, a snorkel which is a shaped breathing tube, and swim fins. But this last equipment is not one hundred percent required.

The activity can be done by everybody; you do not have to be of a particular age to do it, it’s an all-ages sport. Sometimes, scuba divers can use this equipment for some underwater sports such as rugby sport and hockey sport.

However, if you are going to play some of these sports, it is better to use the complete outfit in order to avoid any bad situation.

How Snorkeling Works

The snorkel consists of a tube about 30 centimetres long and an L or J shape. It has a mouthpiece at the end of the tube so that you can exhale while you are with your face underwater.

Its function is to expel water from the tube with a strong exhalation returning the water to the surface as bubbles.

Despite there are many snorkels types, all of them has the same function. For instance, dry snorkelers, these types do not allow water to enter the tube.

It has a float on the top of the tube that acts as a valve so that in the presence of water, the float raises and the valve gets closed impeding the water return.

Modern dry snorkels have a more advanced technology using high material like silicone rubber, which makes them more useful and superior to the originals.

These types are lighter and better at what they do. Nowadays, these snorkels have been replaced by being lightweight devices.

Despite its name is “snorkelers dry”, they are not completely dry at all. There have been situations in which the snorkel tube can have water inside. This happens when accidentally the mouthpiece gets out of your mouth.

To combat this, people decided to create some purges valves to expel all the water that gets into the tube by producing a deep exhaling, giving you the opportunity to breathe normally.

Another one is Free Diving. This type of diving is way too different from the others. The main goal is to help you dominate your body trying to push it to new limits and depths.

These snorkelers will provide you with a better comfort underwater keeping the water out of your mouth for more natural diving.

Snorkelers usually tend to wear the same kind of scuba divers mask allowing them to see clearly underwater. The scuba diving mask consists of glasses and a soft skirt which encloses the nose and keeps the head in the place.

There are many styles, shapes and colors but all of them has the same function. There is a lot of controversy about using or not using the snorkeler’s equipment by divers and vice versa.

But actually, many divers do not need a snorkel at all, and some scuba divers do not consider a snorkel a necessary or even useful piece of equipment, but everything depends on the location you will go to realize this activity.


Answers to Some Added Queries:

Q1. Where are the most visited locations for snorkeling?

It’s possible to do this activity in any place, but it’s more visited those locations where there are minimal waves, warm water, and something particularly interesting to see underwater.

Q2. Which are some of the related activity to this one?

Scuba-diving, underwater hockey, underwater rugby, bog snorkeling and spear fishing. Don't know the difference between scuva diving and snorkeling? Then read our guide on scuva diving vs snorkeling.

Q3. What is the greatest danger a snorkeler can suffer?

Snorkelers' backs, ankles, and rear of their thighs can be exposed to the sun for extended periods and can burn badly.

Q4. Can they be in contact with marine animals?

Any kind of contact should be avoided. Even the most docile animals can have a big impact on snorkelers producing them some lethal injuries.

Q5. Why snorkelers use bright colors?

They wear bright or highly reflective colors to be easily visible by boaters and others.


This popular activity is commonly practised by many people in any place. It offers big experiences watching marine life. There are many people who are used to taking pictures underwater, that's why snorkeling mask is commonly used.

However, the equipment required is not that mandatory and heavy as scuba-diving. People who practice snorkeling just have to know the precautions to enjoy it as much as possible.

We hope you have found our article helpful. In case, you need any further information about snorkeling, then inform us via commenting.

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Last Updated on January 4th, 2021

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