feel free lure 11.5 vs vibe sea ghost

Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Vibe Sea Ghost

Big or small? What kayak should I buy? Kayaks come in different sizes, features, and applications. Knowing what to buy helps enjoy your investment.

Among various options available, Feelfree and Vibe make some of the most amazing ones. So, here we will be comparing their options, Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Vibe Sea Ghost.

But before heading ahead, keep in mind that size and design play a vital role in the stability, maneuverability, and functioning of a kayak.

And, when you are out buying one for yourself, consider how you will be using it to spot the best matching dimensions and features.

Overview – Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Vibe Sea Ghost

feel free lure 11.5 vs vibe sea ghost
feel free lure 11.5 vs vibe sea ghost

FeelFree designed a kayak for different water bodies, small and big, and named it Lure 11.5. You can take it on any water trip as it’s loaded with all the features you need.

You will get an extra-wide seat, a rudder-ready design, a reinforced standing platform, and rod tip protectors.

The vibe, on the other hand, offers a stable kayak with a reasonable price tag by the name of Sea Ghost 130.

If you are going on a long haul and need more gear storage, it offers a wonderful capacity alongside other features.

Weight and Size

This is one of the major points of the Feel Free Lure 11.5 vs Vibe Sea Ghost comparison.

Feelfree’s Lure 11.5 is the shorter kayak with 11’6” length and 34” width. This is what makes it a great kayak for moving through big and small water bodies.

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The Lure weighs 87 pounds, making it a bit heavier than similar boats. So, you should be careful while transporting it.

On the other hand, Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is a longer and the widest one in its range with a 13’ length and 33” width.

However, weighing 75 pounds, even this one’s not easy to load and unload. But still, Sea Ghost is lighter than Lure 11.5 despite the bigger size.


Lure 11.5 allows you to carry a maximum of 425 pounds. That’s enough to spend a long day on the water with more gear to catch more fish.

The bigger one, Sea Ghost 130 offers a way higher capacity of 550 pounds. So, if you are a bigger-than-average kayaker and need to carry more gear, this one’s your pick.

Seating and Comfort

Feelfree Lure packs the Gravity seat that’s extra-wide to accommodate even big-sized anglers. And, you can adjust it to different heights with ease for comfortable kayaking.

However, if you want to paddle or fish while standing, the kayak got you covered. It’s a reinforced standing pad that minimizes foot strain while keeping the stability intact.

Vibe Sea Ghost, on the other hand, packs the improved Hero seat. It is a foldable frame seat with adjustable low and high positions. You can also remove it to use as a camping chair.

The use of breathable mesh fabric in the chair keeps it dry. Moreover, the backrest and seat are padded to enhance comfort during long fishing trips.

Accessories and Storage

The Lure 11.5 offers features for kayakers wanting every advantage over fish. Connect your fish finder through the removable electronic and sonar pod for a big catch.

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For storage, it comes with a huge front oval hatch and an airy rear tank well. The capacity is good enough to carry gear for a long day on the water or an overnight trip.

Wheel in the Keel is a patented solution in this kayak for solo travelers along with molded handles. The rudder-ready kayak allows brilliant tracking with easy rudder installation.

Vibe Sea Ghost has a wonderful feature that goes by the name central console. This console equips the kayak and anglers with a host of gear management opportunities.

It comes with 2 small gear tracks that you can use to mount a rod holder, GPS, or a fish finder.

The front of the console features a hole that allows connecting a transducer scupper in the hull. And to keep the setup clutter-free, the console has space for a fish finder battery.

The console cover is joined with hinges for a half/full opening. Under the cover, you have a big pod for extra storage.

On the rear is a big tank well for holding camping gear, cooler, or milk crate. A huge oval hatch is present at the bow.

A rubberized coaming makes the bow hatch water resistant while a waterproof bag inside ensures to keep things in place when stored inside.

Other storage options you get include bungee cords, a bottle holder, and two small watertight hatches for storing keys, phones, and more.

The seat is also surrounded by different storage options. There’s a tackle box trays on the sides and a waterproof cat bag inside a 6-inch quarter-turn hatch behind.

A magnetic spot on the back is a unique idea you can use to keep hooks, pliers, or lures in place by tossing them.

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Vibe Sea Ghost also has top loading gear tracks on both gunnels where you can mount required accessories.

Other Features

Feelfree released an upgrade to the Lure 11.5 with V2. It added tip protectors for fishing rods to ensure rods stay safe from any damage or unwanted obstacles.

That’s an important feature because losing the rod during a fishing trip is the last thing a fisherman would want.

The Lure kayak is equipped with rod leashes and holders to keep those worries away. So, you can enjoy kayaking and the rod won’t disappear under the waves when paddling.

Vibe sea ghost features a soft and heavy-duty carrying handle along with a drain plug on the bow. The bungee-based paddle park is effective at stowing your paddle quickly.

Unlike other models, the tapered stern can’t accommodate a Power-pole micro anchor. However, the stern features a sturdy carrying handle.

The paddle holders on each side are bungee-based and scupper plugs are also included. The transducer scupper in this kayak comes with a preventive plate as well.


feel free lure 11.5 vs vibe sea ghost
feel free lure 11.5 vs vibe sea ghost

In terms of performance, Feelfree Lure offers impressive versatility and stability. You can take it to small and big water bodies for smooth travel even through hard situations.

Stability is a competing factor for Vibe’s kayak in this Feel free Lure 11.5 vs Vibe Sea Ghost comparison.

However, the one you buy should match your kayaking needs in terms of features, dimensions, stability, tracking, and other factors.