Difference Between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

According to play comparison Scuba diving and snorkeling are common sports nowadays. They have similarities and differences as well.

For instance, they have to use similar equipment such as masks, snorkels, and wet fins, and also, they can have a beautiful uninterrupted view of the underwater life.

Although academies can teach both of them, they have their own space and system to do it.

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Snorkeling is an awesome activity where you can enjoy and learn about the underwater life. One of the good things about it is that there’s no training required which means you can do it by yourself just for having the ability to swim.

One of the mouthpieces is the mouth, and you just have to adjust it in the mask and put your face down into the water. Also, the fins help you to move easily without any effort.

Snorkeling in Cyprus is the most popular visited place with calm, clear waters.  You can have everything under the sea come into view with just a few short kick cycles.

Many marine creatures such as turtles need to go up to the surface to take some air, many divers have seen these experiences before jumping into the water.

This activity has a lot of fun; you should try at least once a year. The required equipment is a diving mask, a snorkel that is a tube with an L or J shape with a mouthpiece at the end of it.

And, you can also buy a wetsuit or swim fins for your feet. 

Scuba Diving

On the other hand, scuba diving is an awesome and incredible experience because it is about a total immersion in the ocean. It is practised by many people as a hobby or a professional activity.

Talking about the equipment, we can say for this activity, there are several items that are mandatory while you dive such as; a mask, a snorkel tube, a wetsuit, air gauge, depth gauge, swim fins, buoyancy control device and a control regulator as well.

That’s why the training is required because perhaps there are people who like snorkeling but they are not used to having this heavy equipment on their backs. However, the good news is that the training takes just a couple of days before you go to the ocean.


Here You Have The Key Differences

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving have a lot to differ from each other. Below, we have discussed the main points of disagreements.

Travel Time

Snorkelers spend a minor time underwater because their equipment doesn’t have enough support to go that deep.

Contrarily, scuba divers can go to greater depths for having the biggest equipment and for having control system of air regulator which allows them to spend more hours into the ocean.

Possible Risks and Health Effects

Talking about health effects, it is important to know that both of them has several probabilities of having injuries, but snorkelers are the ones that have minimum likelihood.

They have just to take care of not being spotted by other boats or jet ski while divers may have other lethal consequences such as nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxicity, and refraction.

Divers also can have contact with dangerous animals such as poisonous coral. If they stay for too long underwater, they can produce dehydration and hyperventilation too.

Breathing Techniques

They have different techniques as well. For instance, divers introduce the entire body underwater while snorkelers just introduce the face.

Divers use a special entire mask with a regulator’s mouthpiece and a control air system that allows them to breathe underwater for more time. On the other side, snorkelers just use a tube which expels water with a sharp exhalation.


Snorkeling doesn’t require any training, whereas any wanna-be scuba diver must complete training prior to the dive session. Diving is not as simple as snorkeling, rather, it is way complex than it.


No wonder, diving takes more of your cash due to the need of many equipments, training, safety guides, etc. In the case of snorkeling, you just have to buy a snorkel device and some added tools.

The gap between the cost of these two water activities is significant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the purpose of the Snorkeling?

Just to do a recreational activity observing fishes, algae, and corals, especially in water bodies with minimal waves and warm waters. Besides, having the experience to have contact with marine animals.

Q2. How many hours can divers be underwater?

You can stay underwater as long as your air regulator works.

Q3. Is it necessary to train before doing Snorkeling activity?

It does not have a special training requirement. You just have to have the required equipment so that you can experience a great time underwater. Also, you should know how does the snorkeling work.

Q4. What is the purpose of Scuba Diving?

Recreational and professional activities as well. Professional purposes, such as civil engineering, underwater welding, offshore construction or for military purposes.

Q5. How is the underwater duration in the Snorkeling activity?

You need to hold breath to swim under the surface of the water. So, it kind of depends entirely on your stamina.

Q6. What are the essential equipment for snorkeling?

Mask, snorkel, fins are essential for snorkeling.


Both sports offer huge opportunities for adventure. You can go and try these activities in many places around the globe.

Try to never leave home without the mask, fins, and snorkel, because you never know when you will feel the necessity to go into the ocean. Divers often engage in snorkeling to discover a new dive site, as the air supply is unlimited and time is not an issue.

Last Updated on September 8th, 2020

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