Understanding the Difference Between the Marines and the Army

People who are in the Marines and Army’s team have different goals. Each of them has unique objectives and training as well.

Although, they have more similarities than differences, at the end of the day they are unique forces helping the country to be a safe place for everyone providing humanitarian services.

Both of them have been trained before to deal with any circumstances in order to do their job.

There are a few differences that can help us to know what are the purposes of each group of people. In this article, we have stated these differences.

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Difference Between Marines And Army

Squad Organization

The Army platoon is bigger than the Marine’s team. Inside the army, there are small squads with different missions. For instance, they have a leader who is often a sergeant who tend to lead between two or four fire team.

They always have to counter with a rifleman and a grenadier. They are special shooters trained to work in combats.

On the other hand, Marines are a smaller squad. They are called the nation’s force and tend to operate in battalion commands, also they are able to work on naval platforms.


The army's objective is to offer principally peace and safety having the support of national policies and at the same time having the power to deal with any aggressive action that can disturb the country.

Marines' mission is basically to attack or safeguard advanced naval area and having the capacity to become engaged in different situations.

They also have to have some techniques to perform in a variety of roles and functions when it’s necessary.


They have different training due to they have different missions. In the beginning, at the army's school, they have to be there for a minimum of 12 weeks of soldier and authority training getting prepared for the battle they have to deal with.

After this time of education, they have to get into the advanced school army to finally get graduated.

Otherwise, the Marines' group have a school as well, and for being part of them, the schools offer between two six-week courses or one ten-week course. So, depending on which is better for you, you can register on it.

Those academies have several programs that are given to the students in order to prepare them for leadership after completing the education system.


A good way to differentiate them is by the insignia they use. The Army members wear a variety of symbols. Its logo consists in a white star bordered in yellow and black lines, in a black rectangle.

The Marines' logo is an anchor, an eagle and a globe with a Latin phrase that says "semper fidelis" which means "always loyal".


There are many young people who are interested in this kind of activities but to be part of them, and they have to follow some rules such as the age.

For instance, the minimum age to register in the army is 17 years old with parents' permission or 18 years old without it, and the maximum is 35 years. Besides, they have to be born in the country or being legal immigrants. 

The minimum age for being part of the Marines' academy is 18 years old, and the maximum is 28 years. They have the same citizenship requirements that of the army academy.


Some Common Queries

Young aged men seem to have an interest in joining these forces for certain natural instincts. And, they come up with a plethora of questions out of curiosity. Here are just a few important ones answered.

Q1. How do I know what equipment they have?

The Army members are equipped with prolonged fighting while the marines are equipped for early access.

Q2. Inside these academies, do they teach people how to deal with medical situations?

Yes. Those academies have programs in which they instruct them how to deal with naval and medical circumstances.

Q3. To be a commanding officer in the army academy do I just have to do the courses?

It’s not just the course of 2-3 weeks we mentioned before. That’s how the system starts, doing the course. But if you want to get graduated, you have to do the complete program which is doing all four years of school, providing your educational, ethical and physical training.

Q4. Which one is less dangerous?

Knowing that Army academy has to have rifleman and grenadier, it’s less dangerous than the Marines’ squad.

Q5. Do they train in the same place?

Sometimes they do, sharing some customs and traditions.

In conclusion

we can say these groups of people are trained for different occasions. However, the main mission is to offer safety, peace, democracy and liberty to the country.

Both of them are capable enough to operate in dangerous missions concluding the activity with beneficial results.

Last Updated on January 4th, 2021

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