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How to Clean Copper and Brass without Chemicals

Copper and brass are used all over the world for making jewelry, pots, pans, and showpieces. While copper is a naturally found metal, brass is an alloy, which means that it is made up of a combination of other metals, namely copper and zinc. Nevertheless, these two household metals have traditionally been called ‘brightwork’ by sailors, […]

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How to Clean Felt Filter Socks: Easy Guideline

A healthy aquarium needs various maintenance tools to function. These tools vary with the types and sizes of the aquarium. One of the various types of aquariums is the reef aquarium, which is used to showcase marine fishes and vibrant corals.Reef aquariums need a standard environment, depending on the different types of corals as some […]

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5 Most Popular Catfish For Freshwater Tanks

Let’s say that you’ve done your research and gotten yourself a freshwater fish tank for your home, office or restaurant. But that’s just half the job. You would still need to figure out what some of the good choices are and then, choose which ones you want to keep in your fresh water fish tank. Let’s get […]

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How To Get Rid Of Aiptasia: Easy Guide That Works!

The term ‘A deceptive beauty’ may raise a question on your mind regarding the article’s relevance.Nevertheless, trust me when I say that this term will give you a very coherent idea about the silent killer Aiptasia anemones. It is a very popular yet sinister customer in saltwater aquariums.It’s one of those critters that look lucrative […]

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