Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125

bonafide ss127 vs vibe shearwater 125

What type of fishing kayak would you prefer to buy? Is it an all-in-one kayak or the one that combines performance and compatibility?

That one-liner pretty much sums up the Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125 comparison you are looking for. But that doesn’t explain it all. Right?

That’s why we have brought you this complete comparison of features, performance, size, weight, and other metrics.

Let’s see which kayak scores well in each department. And based on that knowledge, you can pick the right kayak for your fishing needs.

Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125 – A Quick Overview

Bonafide crafted a kayak that presented a wonderful combination of stability and performance.

bonafide ss127 vs vibe shearwater 125
bonafide ss127 vs vibe shearwater 125

The Bonafide SS127 is a high-seated fishing kayak that makes you feel like a normal one due to its super stability. Plus, it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket for being a great fishing kayak.

On the other hand, the Vibe company touts its Shearwater 125 as an ultimate fishing kayak that does it all.

Shearwater 125 is Vibe’s attempt to load as many good features as a kayak can hold. So, you might not have to think twice about the features others offer before buying it.

Though the introduction looks appealing for both. Let’s find out how both the kayaks stand against each other.

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Weight and Size

In terms of size, both kayaks have almost similar measurements.

Vibe Shearwater is 12’6” long (381 cm) while the Bonafide SS127 is an inch longer at 12’7” (383.5 cm). And, the former is 35” wide while the latter is 33.75”.

Despite the length, both kayaks offer good stability. However, SS127 gets an upper hand with its 15.5” deck height.

At 94 pounds (42.6 kg), Bonafide SS127 is referred to as a lightweight kayak. However, the Shearwater 125 is lighter at 82 pounds (37 kg). You can easily cartop the latter with the right kayak rack and technique.


There’s a tie in this department. The individual maximum capacity of both kayaks is 475 pounds.

Even at a recommended 70% load for better performance, they can still load 300 pounds. That’s enough for an average-sized adult to carry reasonable fishing gear on a ride.

Propulsion Methods

Both SS127 and Shearwater 125 come with paddle propulsion by default. However, Vibe adds the benefit of propulsion options.

You can add pedal propulsion or motor to the Vibe’s kayak by adding optional accessories.

Features of Vibe Shearwater 125

The Shearwater 125 is an all-in-one feature kayak. So, you can expect it to be jampacked with features of multiple kayaks.


For easy carry and transportation, it has a rigid plastic handle on the bow that makes it easy to lift. The bow tank features a paddle park integrated into the softcover to stow the paddle. And rod tip protectors safe-keep your rods.

Hull Design

Vibe Shearwater is packed with a Tunnel hull design.

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Fishfinder Pod

It comes with a watertight, removable fishfinder pod. The transducer mount goes at the bottom and the head unit on the top without messy wires or drilling the hull.

Central Pod

The deck design of this kayak offers three varied configurations. First, is an open deck space for fly fishing called the Base Pod. Second, a central console wherein you get a watertight storage locker with a magnetic lure retainer and a bungee cord. Third, the pedal drive mode to keep your hands free.

The Seat

The kayak comes with a removable seat, Vibe Summit that offers four positions, viz. high reclined, high upright, low reclined, and low upright.

You can also fold it down for a flat platform to sit/stand using the optional Summit Perch.

Rod Management

Shearwater 125 has four-rod holders each for vertical and horizontal storage of your rods.


It offers two-tank wells, one at the bow and the second at the rear with adjustable bungees for storing things. You can store tackle in recesses (4*3600 tackle boxes) next to the seat or plastic tray beneath the seat.

Features of Bonafide SS127

Let’s look at how the features of the SS127 are different in this Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125 comparison.


Bonafide has provided two handles to make loading/unloading the SS127 easy. It comes with an oversized bow handle and a retractable handle on the stern.

Hull Design

Bonafide SS127 houses the Hybrid Catamaran Hull design for ultimate stability without losing speed and agility.

Fishfinder Pod

SS127 allows easy installation of fish and depth finders with a transducer in its center-positioned DryPod.

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Anglers love the HiRise seat provided in this kayak. Most fishing kayaks with high seats lack stability but not this one.

Instead, the high-seated SS127 is more stable than many kayaks with a wider base and a lower seat.

Rod Management

On SS127, you can store rods carefully and easily with the Boss Strap rod management system. It also serves as a pocket to store a paddle.

On the sides, it comes with YakAttack Aluminium GearTracs to position the rod holders with ease.


The kayak comes with a large bow hatch. It has enough space to store all your gear items without damaging them.
Plus, you can open the hatch from the front as well as back.

In addition, the SS127 also has a sliding drawer for extra storage under the seat.

Wrap Up – Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125

Thus, it’s clear from the Bonafide SS127 vs Vibe Shearwater 125 comparison that both the kayaks impress different angler needs.

bonafide ss127 vs vibe shearwater 125
bonafide ss127 vs vibe shearwater 125

The Bonafide SS127 offers a wonderful blend of performance and compatibility. However, the Shearwater 125 lets anglers use every feature they would desire.

While both the kayaks have an inch of difference in length, Bonafide’s kayak is short in width. But Vibe scored better with lesser weight and hence, is easier to carry.

Also, both kayaks offer good features for rod handling, storage, fishfinder, and seating. Vibe Shearwater offers four-seat positions but Bonafide included a high-raised seat for extra performance.

In terms of propulsion methods, paddling is available in both kayaks. However, the Shearwater 125 gets an upper hand with pedal and motor propulsion methods using appropriate accessories.

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