Bonafide SS127 vs RS117

bonafide ss127 vs rs117

We all know Bonafide as a fishing kayak brand known for its quality and affordable products. But which one’s better, SS127 or RS117?

While both the kayaks are known to deliver stability and performance, differences lie in how they are made. Plus, both differ in some features as well.

So, if you are confused making a choice between the two, here’s the Bonafide SS127 vs RS117 comparison you need.

First things first. Let’s learn about kayaks.

Bonafide SS127 vs RS117 – Overview

Bonafide SS127 is a kayak that promises ultimate fishability. It offers a balance of stability and performance within budget.

Bonafide RS117, on the other hand, is a high-end performance kayak. But even this doesn’t need you to break the bank.

SS127 is touted for its high-seated arrangement that ensures a better fishing experience. But unlike many others, it doesn’t compromise on stability.

RS117 is one of the anglers’ top choices and packs an abundance of features for stability and quality.

Weight and Size

SS127 is a 12’7” kayak that’s 33.75” wide. RS117 isn’t that long and is 11’7” with a width of 33.5”.

In terms of weight, RS117 is lighter at 75 pounds than the 94-pound SS127. While both are surprisingly lightweight in their size variants, the former is easy to transport.


bonafide ss127 vs rs117
bonafide ss127 vs rs117

SS in the SS127 means Sit-Stand. And it ensures comfortable kayaking even if fully loaded and packed with gears. The overall capacity of this kayak is 475 pounds.

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A bit shorter in length, RS117 can hold a total weight of 425 pounds.

Thus, bigger individuals can comfortably carry individuals with more than average weight. And you can pack them with desired gear without losing performance.

Hull Design

Do you know a boat’s hull defines its stability? That’s where both RS117 and SS127 stand apart from many other kayaks.

Bonafide has provided both the products with a hybrid catamaran hull. It ensures brilliant maneuverability and stability.

Also, both ensure high tracking and speed, unlike many other kayaks that are made nearly unflippable. Moreover, this comes as a surprise to many anglers.

This hull style shifts the dispersion of the kayak’s weight to the sides while reducing drag with interior pontoons. This ensures smooth rides with complete control.


Storage is an essential feature of the kayak that lets you safely keep everything you need to carry along with.

SS127 comes with a big bow hatch wherein you can store almost every gear. The hatch protects your items during transportation to and from the water.

Moreover, the hatch can be opened from the back and well as the front.

RS117, on the other hand, doesn’t come with a bow hatch. Instead, it has an open well on the rear side with a fitted mesh covering.

It also serves as a paddle pocket, enabling easy and fast access to gear, grabbing a rod, or making a cast.

However, there’s one thing common in both. Anglers love the big storage under the seat where you can stash dry items like snacks and tackle boxes.

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YakAttack is a sister company of Bonafide. Thus, both kayaks use products from the former to enhance functionality.

SS127 features Aluminum GearTracs for positioning rod holders on the sides. It also comes with a rod management system, Boss Strap for easy and careful rod storage.

This Boss Strap also serves as a paddle pocket in SS127. In addition, the kayak features a DryPod to easily install fish and depth finders with a transducer through-hull scupper.

On the other hand, RS117 comes with Might Mount XL GearTracs from YakAttack. Using this, anglers can opt for a fully customizable equipment installation on the sides as well as the center.

For mounting the fish finder, it features a transducer scupper that comes with inserts.


Do you love to go barefoot kayaking? You will need something for comfort.

SS127 offers supreme comfort for this with a reinforced foot platform. Plus, it also ensures extra grip. The kayak also comes with extra rear pads for the times anglers would like to pivot and look back without repositioning the kayak.

Moreover, the Hi-Rise seating arrangement is a USP of SS127 that ensures comfortable and high-performance fishing.

In this department, RS117 adds foam padding to the deck. It also has an adjustable seat that’s comfortable even if it isn’t padded.


bonafide ss127 vs rs117
bonafide ss127 vs rs117

Anglers feel that both the kayaks are on their part with performance and offer a similar experience.

The catamaran hull design ensures excellent tracking, handling, maneuverability, and speed. And both RS117 and SS127 are equipped with the same.

Wrap Up – Bonafide SS127 vs RS117

To conclude, choosing between the two kayaks is going to be quite a challenge.

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That’s because both have the catamaran hull design, comfortable seating, good storage, and stability. Moreover, you can also securely store equipment easily on both the kayaks.

However, a major difference lies in the length of the kayaks. Bonafide SS127 vs RS117 shows that the former is an inch longer. Hence, transporting will be easier for the latter.

And, this small size justifies the lower capacity of the RS117 where it falls short of 50 pounds than the SS127’s 275-pound capacity.

Besides, SS127 features high-rise seating while the RS117 is known for premium features and comfort.

So, that’s where you can make your decision.


How wide is a Bonafide SS127?

Bonafide SS127 is 33.75” wide that’s 85.7cm. That falls within the 28”-34.5” range of ocean kayaks. This much width makes the kayak stay stable and good for fishing.

How long is the Bonafide SS127?

Bonafide SS127 is 12’7” long that’s 383.5cm. Longer boats like this are efficient at cruising. But unlike many others, Bonafide managed to retain the stability in this kayak.

The SS127 is one of the most stable kayaks in the group of similar length kayaks. That’s made possible by the catamaran hull design.

Where are Bonafide Kayaks Made?

Bonafide Kayaks is the name of the company that manufactures and produces these kayaks. All these kayaks are made in the USA with a simple strategy and a stellar team working for them.

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